5 Useful Tips on How to Choose Prefinished Oak Flooring

The flooring of your home is one of the most important parts of the interior furnishing. It has to look good, of course, but it must also possess some important qualities in order to be practical and reliable. Wooden flooring is the most perfect choice for every home – nothing can compare to its beauty and durability. There are a lot of wooden flooring options on the market, but one of the finest ones is the prefinished oak flooring. Laying this in your rooms will allow for the perfect insulation and provide the interior with the traditional charm of this superbly looking material. Here are 5 important criteria to have in mind when shopping for this type of ozola grīda.

It might be way too obvious, but it is worth mentioning that the prefinished oak flooring is the better choice over the unfinished one. Oak, just like any other wooden material, is known for absorbing moisture and rotting over time. This means that it has to be finished in order to be durable and not easily damaged. Even if you opt for the unfinished product, which is cheaper you will have to have the boards sanded and finished upon laying the flooring. The finishing has to be professionally done otherwise you risk to have the oak permanently damaged. Overall, the prefinished oak flooring will turn out to be the more affordable and reliable option. Moreover, you are guaranteed the flooring will last long enough for the future generations to enjoy.

The oak comes in two main natural colors – red and white. The red oak has a distinct reddish brown color that gives coziness and stature to every room despite the style and design of the home. The white oak flooring is actually not pure white – it has a natural wooden beige color that has a particular softness and gives extra spaciousness and brightness to every interior. Choose a color that will match the overall appearance of the room and will not conflict with the color and material of the furniture, to create a coherent ensemble.

The oak flooring boards vary in terms of three dimensions – length, width and thickness. Both the length and especially the width should be custom fit in accordance with your room’s dimensions and the particular flooring design you might have in mind. The thickness of the prefinished oak flooring is important for stability. The thicker the boards, the stronger the flooring is and the better the feel is as well.

The prefinished oak flooring comes in three grades, which determine the perfection of the wood, not its functional qualities. The clear oak is almost without any imperfections such as knots and color variance. The select grade is the medium one with the oak falling in this category having obvious color variations and visible knots. The common oak has the lowest of grades, but it is the closest to the natural beauty the wood material has.

It is highly recommended that you hire an experienced professional for the laying of the prefinished oak flooring in order to ensure the structure will be stable, undamaged, durable and reliable.


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