Snippets Into Life Of A Shopaholic

Do you have undying love for clothes, shoes, makeup and accessories? Do you find yourself struggling to strike a balance between your shopping lists and budgets? If yes, Shopaholic Abroad by Sophie Kinsella would be perfect choice that leads us to an ever exciting life of a shopaholic filled with shopping stories that leaves awestruck! 

Rebecca Bloomwood is a young girl who works as a financial expert in a British television programme. However, contrary to her profession that preaches people about saving money for what matters to them, she is a complete spendthrift. There is quite an oxymoron that having gone through a finanical crisis at one point of her life, she starts believing in ‘buying only what is needed’ yet comes up with bizarre justifications defending her shopping choices. 

Rebecca is a storyteller and her imagination does sweep her off reality. Having an expensive taste, she loves to imagine herself wearing labels that only celebrities could comfortably afford and thinks of being their friend vacationing with them in exotic locations. Her self confidence is sky rocketing to imagine that she could play a stunt double to a famous actor. Coming back to labels, the tale would surely appeal to its readers who would love to walk by the lanes of  New York exploring labels like Prada, Armani, Gucci, Sephora, Vera Wang and much more. 

‘Shopaholic Abroad’ is not a frivolous tale of a shopaholic. There is more to it than what the title may suggest. Rebecca Bloomwood is a character that essays exemplary courage in face of adversities. Even though, when everything seems to fall apart, she looks at the world eye to eye and does not allow the world to trample over her self respect. During a financial crisis or when attacked over her relationship with business biggie Luke Brandon, she takes the challenge head on and emerges victorious.

The multilayered story also goes back in reminding us the importance of family and friends. Sometimes all we need is a little assurance from our loved ones that they continue to believe in us despite the mistakes made by us. Their support goes a long way in recuperating our strength.

To conclude, ‘Shopaholic Abroad’ is a humorous narrative of a contemporary girl who faces challenges during the course of her shopping obsession. The author has rightly targeted the idea of fitting in which leaves most of the people off balance. In the end, she delivers the message of never settling for something less and hustling towards living our passion. 

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