Are you thinking about the energy bills that you get every month?

Are you thinking about the energy bills that you get every month? Well, you must check the energy efficiency level of the washing machine you have been using all this while which makes your head spin when you open the bill envelope. If the washing machine has the energy label on it then this label will give you the information about how much energy; (in kWh units) has been used by your appliance.

The use of hot water adds to over 90% consumption of energy and the top load machines and also front load washing machines are less expensive but use more energy as opposed to the front load machines which even though are a bit costlier but are energy efficient. The front load washing machines comes with large tub capacity and the spin cycle is faster in comparison to the top loader washing machines.   best semi automatic washing machine under 15000 If the spin capacity of a washing machine is fast then it will cut down the drying time also. It uses less amount of water and detergent. Also using cold water instead of hot water makes a big difference to the energy level consumed and lesser the amount of water is heated, the machine is low on energy consumption. Energy consumption is reduced to a great extent if full batches are washed on frequent basis. Type of detergent used also makes a difference to the energy consumed. Since the front loaders are energy and water efficient, they cause less wear and tear of your clothes. Another important thing to be taken into consideration when buying a washing machine is its size. Washing Machines nowadays come in different sizes and you should go for the one which is best suited according to your requirement. Do not end up buying a smaller size which will not save on the energy bills as you will do frequent washing with small several batches in a day, therefore using more water and energy.

Nowadays, washing machines with better technology and advanced features are energy efficient and water efficient and will help the consumers cut down on their energy bills.


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