Since he didn't come, I didn't go either.

Manolis is a kindergarten teacher.

I like to leave things up in the air.

The reason I'm saying this movie is good is that, not only is the artistic content good, the music is too.

My mom made this quilt for me.


You want answers to questions you shouldn't ask.

This earthquake took a hundred and fifty lives, as well.

I fed him soup for a week while he was sick.

I think we lost her.

I have confidence in Allan's abilities.


I didn't see them do that.

I want to get married, just not to you.

In winter, I always sleep with wool socks on.

This is between me and her.

He loves you. I know he does.

I'm addicted to what I do.

You look a lot like someone I used to know.

Christophe died when he was seventy years old.

The customer is not always right.


Plastic knew when Vickie would be arriving.

What with overwork and poor meals, she fell ill.

Most press reported the negotiations failed to produce an agreement although major progress was made, as time ran out.

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Maybe we should give them a hand.


We finally arrived in England.

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They're lying.


We haven't yet decided what to do with it.

I don't have time for nonsense.

Can you see the big white building over there?

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I don't need your permission.

Can we stop fighting?

Stephen has already done that.


Sridhar looked at herself in the mirror.

I didn't meet any of my friends.

Alison got his nose pierced.

The telephone rings, but nobody answers.

I should never go shopping without you.

This video will interest everyone who likes classical music, especially those who like the cello.

Have you changed your mind?

He looked radiant.

We couldn't help feeling sorry for her.

I'm waiting for your wife.

Dan set fire to the cabin in an attempt to kill Linda.


I don't blame them for this.


It has gone a quarter.


Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.

Raul's guardian angel must have been watching out for him.

I had to tell him myself.


Are you trying to trick me?

She gave me a doll.

Is that why you won't help her?

According to Andy Warhol, everyone will have fifteen minutes of fame.

Coffee was introduced into Europe from Arabia.

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You must be tired of all Mah's complaining.

Dan didn't use a mobile.

We regard him as an important man.


Orville needs to tell Sandeep the truth.


No systematical study in economy assumes solidarity.

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It's Coleen calling from Boston.

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Today, I waited for a shorter amount of time than usual before he arrived.


Arguing never got anyone anywhere.

You ought not to speak ill of others behind their backs.

This straight road will lead you to the post office.

What did she do to you?

Jeffery really doesn't like dogs.

I believe that is something worth thinking about.

This watch keeps bad time.

Roberto thought Jayesh didn't like cats.

Do you really think Lloyd is good-looking?

Can you teach me how to play a ukulele?

This jacket is a tight fit.

You're number one!

Then he ended by doing what all boys do, when they have no heart and little brain.

Lord is supposed to be here.

Halloween is the time of witches and ghosts.


Your school is so kind to reimburse you for the return airfare.

That had not occurred to him before.

We won't lower our expectations.


I tried my best to help you.

At home I have a room of my own.

What time do you close?


I wonder if this is really true.


We Germans fear God, but nothing else in the world.

It's just the beginning.

Even though Dylan knew he shouldn't, he borrowed money from a loan shark.

I met him on the previous day.

When you take shelter, make sure you go under a big tree.

I wanted to apologize to him.

Pontus's boss is a bit too tactile for her liking.

They will ask Stephen.

I'm sorry, we're sold out.

I have to go through the task by tomorrow.

When the fire broke out, he was dead asleep.


Why don't you have any homework?

If I could, I would.

Rome is burning.

I would have bought this watch if it wasn't this expensive.

Is the apple red?

I'm well enough.

She is good at imitating him.

I like tea more than coffee.

Some plants cannot adapt themselves to the cold.


Pontus's family sold their farm and moved to the city.

Masanobu used the key Mwa had given him to enter the house.

I'm sure Angus will be disappointed.

Is there another way to do this?

I need to do it now.

Should I help them?

Deirdre and Joni enjoy playing music together.


Even a child would understand this.

Here, I want to complete a few low-level implementation details that may be interesting to readers.

Your mother would be proud.

Isn't there anything they can do?

Stuart likes hockey.


This is not a job that a woman can do.

Are you still living with your mom?

You've been so kind.

I love Russia.

They have nowhere to go.

Malloy thinks that I don't know what he said.

Huey is in the mood for love.

More than 60% of people in Britain maintain an active Facebook profile.

That's interesting. Why would you do that?

I'm actually ready to go.

Jagath isn't as happy as he seems to be.

You're a horrible person.

"I heard that Hirofumi was dying." "Dying? He's alive and kicking!"

I'm leaving first.

I wish there was something I could say.


They mined iron in this town for 350 years.


In case of fire, telephone the fire station.


Carol knows exactly what I mean.

Liza said he wanted to go.

Their purpose is to help the poor in any place where they live.


I owe you a breakfast.

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Shankar is likely to be cut from the team.

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Jacobson died in Boston.

That feels so good.

Bjorne succeeded in getting elected.

Due to the early onset of winter this year, authorities are forecasting shortages of heating oil.

The United States bombed civilians in Japan with nuclear weapons. Nowadays, some US officials consider the idea of doing it again in other countries. They are just trying to find a justification for that.

That table cloth urgently needs washing.

Let's save the world!

Scot baked an apple pie.

He is not so careless as to take the wrong train.

I don't have much ready money.

He was so kind as to lend us some money.

Science is the belief in the ignorance of experts.

You didn't tell Oleg about us, did you?

Halfway through the lecture, she began to feel sick.

She couldn't convince him to accept the bribe.

I'd never say that.

We are alone in believing that she is a beautiful woman.


I went to my bedroom and cried.

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Jussi seems out of touch.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

When I was young, I was living from hand to mouth.

"You're not being chased, are you?" Just as he said that in a quiet voice, the corner house's light went out. The rain became more intense...

Who would've done that?


I considered the problem as settled.


Do you think Felix is untrustworthy?


I can't afford to play tennis.