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Beware of Degrees Online

Internet is attracting more and more folks to buying instruction online, but there are important things to consider. Ask yourself why you need the degree and if it will benefit you. The need for higher education is necessary in any field, but the way you get your degree will directly affect you outside of the Internet.

If you’re trying to get a promotion or job and this depends on a degree, think twice about buying a degree online.

If you’re at an interview, there’s a good chance that you’ll be asked how you obtained your degree. I was told in an interview that the position I was applying for was only obtainable with a highly accredited degree. An Internet degree from a non-accredited university isn’t worth much in the outside world in most cases. There are rare exceptions to this rule. It’s possible to get lucky and impress someone enough in an interview to get a desired position, but not likely in most corporate environments.

There’s a need for a degree only if you are trying to get a good job, to become a professional like a doctor or lawyer, or to pat yourself on the back and be able to say that you have a mua bằng cấp.

If all you need is more training to learn more about writing, marketing, or whatever, then take a class online. A degree is not a prerequisite to succeed. I take writing instruction courses and investment classes to better educate myself. I’ve learned most of my knowledge from reading articles and taking classes that had nothing to do with getting a degree. As a writer, online classes suit my needs. As an investor, it’s the same.

Buying an honorary degree online does have an advantage online where millions of people can see that you’re a so-called qualified professional. If you can look good and sell yourself well, then more power to you. As an author, an honorary degree looks impressive. As an employee in a corporate environment, it means very little.

Examine your needs. Is a degree absolutely necessary? Will an online class or workshop give you knowledge without much expense?

Degrees are expensive to get, especially highly accredited college degrees. Thousands of dollars can be spent on unnecessary education. A class or workshop that teaches in a particular field of study is usually the right choice for most folks. A degree in Web Design, for example, isn’t necessary if you’re developing websites. At my job in the corporate world, I was promoted because of my value to the company. It was my increasing wealth of knowledge and sweat equity that did the trick. I was in office equipment sales. I outsold everyone else and developed leadership skills. A degree in some fields is a must to get promoted, but for most folks, it’s not going to matter. If you’re in sales, which most folks seem to be, then reading articles about how to increase sales and be a better communicator will help more than a degree.

Article websites are a great wealth of information; after all, you’re reading this. With the power of the Internet, anyone can get educated for pennies, or cheaper. Beware of false information. Even schools are known for false teachings. Read all you can and weigh the data.

The best education isn’t learned in the classroom. Look at Bill Gates, a college dropout. I have a wealthy uncle who is a high school dropout. Learn to learn from everything and everyone around you. Success is the progressive realization of a worthwhile goal or dream, not a degree. If your goal is a degree, great: if not, flush it.

My personal experiences and interviews have taught me that there’s a proper place for an online degree, and the corporate world is not it. Most employers view an online degree the same way they view a GED. They view a GED as someone who quit, then started again for whatever reason. It’s a hard truth, but most employers don’t higher upper level positions to someone who has a GED. They rarely higher these folks in entry level positions. This is how Corporate America views those individuals with an online degree. I know it’s tough, but it’s true.


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