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Bobby Mackey’s Music World And The Gateway To Hell

Bobby Mackey’s Music World is a night club and honky-tonk located in Wilder Kentucky which is located about four miles south of Cincinnati Ohio. Bobby Mackey is a country music singer. In case you don’t know the location is supposed to be the most haunted night club in the United States.

Many people over the years have made the claim that the well located in the basement is the gateway to hell.

Local legend says that the paranormal problems at the nightclub can be traced back to the murder of a local woman named Pearl Bryan who was murdered about two and one half miles from the site of the club, Her corpse was found at Ft Thomas Kentucky which is less than three miles from Mackey’s. Many people over the years have claimed to see Pearl Bryan in and around the present day location of  bobby kotick.

It was the murderer’s of Bryan who were said to be devil worshipers who cursed the area and anyone involved in the case. Both of the men who murdered Bryan were executed and it has always been a local legend that they were devil worshippers.

And then in the 1930’s the club which was then called The Latin Quarter Club was the scene of a tragic murder suicide. A dancer at the club who was named “Johanna” committed suicide with rat poison back stage at the club. It is said she killed herself because she was pregnant and the father of the baby refused to marry her. A couple of days after Johanna was said to have killed herself the father of Johanna hung the young man who refused to marry his daughter in a dressing room back stage at the club. The girl’s father then went down in the basement of the club and shot and killed himself near the old well that is still there today.

At one point in time before the nightclub was on this location there used to be a slaughter house located at the same location and it is a local legend that men who worked at the slaughter house were also devil worshippers. There is also a story that a Native American Shaman was killed on this location many years ago and that he cursed the location and said that demons from hell would always have a gate way into this world from the well that was on the location then. That well is still there in the basement of the building today and many paranormal investigators including the author of this article have experienced strange and unusual things there in the basement near the old well.

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