Brian Bulatao

Brian Fanale Review

Who is Brian Fanale?

Just a few years back, Brian Fanale was…

NOBODY: A broke, frustrated college graduate working as a bartender and playing music whenever he got a chance, dreaming of a better life.

Frustrated with life, he became enamored with the success of certain leaders in the MLM profession, and decided to join the ranks, regardless of any strategy his upline gave him, he couldn’t seem to elude the failure that so easily beset him, Brian was simply not content with failing, and worked day and night, looking for the ‘hidden SECRET’ that would allow him unlimited prosperity.

To keep our story short, I’ll just say that Brian found Mike Dillard’s famous ‘Magnetic Sponsoring’ course, and the rest is history

Brian Bulatao  has now shattered several international sales records, and is one of the top five earners in one of the largest Direct Selling companies in the world.

What company is Brian Fanale a part of?

Brian is involved in the Carbon Copy Pro business model, which is an attraction marketing system built around a Top Tier direct sales company called ‘Wealth Masters International.’ As a complete, encompassing review of CCP and WMI can’t be covered in such a short article, you can visit my website in the author resource box, and in the ‘articles’ section I do a comparison between CCP and MLM that you may find fascinating.

Is Brian Fanale a Scam?

Brian is a lot of things – musician, entrepreneur, marketing genius, mentor…
…but he can hardly be called a scam. In all actuality, Brian Fanale is one of the most revered leaders in Wealth Masters International.

So would it be a good idea to join Brian Fanale’s team?

Well, that is going to heavily depend on what your goals are. You see, regardless of how successful Brian is in his company, that is almost completely irrelevant to how successful you’re going to be. The most important point to think about is to ask if CCP is the business that you want to focus your attention on – or if you would rather do something else entirely. While I can absolutely without question recommend Brian Fanale, it is important that you equally research the Carbon Copy Pro opportunity – from both sides (the good and the ugly).

If your goal is to be successful in MLM, it would be better to join a team that is actually building an MLM business, as Carbon Copy Pro is a completely different business model, with different benefits and results.

Will Brian Fanale’s training provide you with the answers you’re looking for?

This is where I can give Brian a raving review…

He will help you to the best of his ability (and he’s got some mad skills). In fact, I work hand in hand with Brian to create my attraction marketing system, and I can tell you that he is a great mentor who has a lot of incredible advice.

Does Brian Fanale have any ‘secrets’?

The great thing about being at the top as an MLM professional is that I can tell you there are no secrets – and Brian would say the same.

The thing that stops MLM distributors from using good marketing techniques is not confusion, it’s ignorance. They’ve simply never been taught the truth.

So my thoughts for you is are: if prosperity is eluding you in the MLM profession, there are two problems that are causing it:

1. You don’t have enough leads to talk to. (Which is simply solved by stop trying to talk to people until you MASTER basic internet marketing skills.)

2. Because of some crazy excuse, you’re not calling your leads – you’ll probably solve this problem when you start generating your own leads, as the people are so much easier to talk to that it’s absolutely ridiculous.

That’s it! Literally, that’s everything there is – having enough leads to talk to, and talking to the leads that you have. If those two things are in check and you’re still not making money, you need a better marketing system!

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