No funny business!


I think it's time for me to show you how to do that properly.


Do you want to come along?


I'll take care that you don't meet with any injury.

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According to the UN, the world population exceeded 7 billion in October of the year 2011.

You can skate safely on this side of the lake.

Yay! I'm happy that it's an apple that I'm eating!

Are you looking at a crown?

You may stay here as long as you keep quiet.

A litany of taste tests enabled Hugo to distinguish between a variety of pastes.

The great dog by the yard gate of a nobleman's mansion sits proudly on the top of his kennel when the sun shines, and barks at every one that passes; but if it rains, he creeps into his house, and there he is warm and dry.

I was so homesick.

Sharada might want to go there with us.

He's old enough to be her father.

You can be a bit of a prick sometimes.

Tobias fixed my computer.

The armored glass is made of a super-resistant material, distributed in layers.

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Joubert understood.


He studies in the hope of becoming a doctor.

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He will be back in a few days.

I'm going to Boston with them.

Milk has to be kept at a relatively low temperature.

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You don't see this kind of vegetable vending machine in the city.

What will actually happen is anyone's guess.

Your car's totally wrecked.

Renu promised to return the books I lent him.

We took every precaution.

This won't work!

Does anybody need anything?

The launching of artificial earth satellites is commonly looked upon as an exploration of space.

The lady that is speaking to that boy is his teacher.

We have only one lesson today.

Her days are numbered.

No matter how you look at it, Satoshi Kon was a top class director and mangaka.

Who's your date tonight?

Christina believes in traditional gender roles.

Oleg says that he detests war.

The police are after the man.

He spent the night lying on the grass, looking at the stars.


He had to undergo an operation immediately after his fall.

I am to blame.

He must have seen us.

Let's forget about her.

Can one find a telephone near by?

I came down with measles.

I got married yesterday.

I got back to home after two years.

I'd like to go with you.


I won't let you go.

I approve the suggestion.

Just a little bit.

All are happy in my family.

Students are required to perform one hour of community service per week.


This fruit isn't for you.


Uri's living proof that you don't have to have brains to be successful.

How can I reach the hotel?

Go, do not wait, the night is coming.

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I will get in touch with you again about this matter.

They don't have any sugar any more.

I ate something earlier this evening that didn't agree with me.


You're so cute together.

I want you to open the window.

Why would you ever want to do a job like that?

This is no place for a three-year-old kid.

Why don't you come with us?

She moved my clothes.

Can I have another drink now?

Who taught you that song?

Take Miltos's advice.

The number of students going abroad to study is increasing each year.

Can anybody tell me why Shannon isn't here?

Have you told her I'm here?

Rod and Kelvin went for a walk along the beach.

We're almost done for today.

She speaks seven languages.


Does that mean you want to break up?


You must promise not to take the rope off.

"Stu gave Liz a box of chocolates and one long-stemmed rose for her birthday." "That's really sweet."

Your family is well.

Fletcher rang his boss to tell him he wouldn't be coming in today.

I ruined it.

Would you like to come shopping with me?

You'll be in time for the train if you start at once.

Nazi Germany invaded Poland in September 1939.

Sridharan painted the wall pink.

How do you know that Dirk has never been to Boston?

Sedovic had to have his locks rekeyed after someone stole his briefcase containing his keys.

Guido is hungry.

We'll get on the airplane in an hour.

I tried it over again.

Hey, I thought that the two of us should drink, so I brought some white wine.


I don't understand what you're trying to say.


He didn't die happily.

Sanjay said that he wanted to forget him.

Nowadays, commuters take traffic jams for granted.


I cannot purr like a cat. I'm a dog!

Malcolm thought Leads was guilty.

I think that's up to you now.


He seems tired this evening.

I'm really happy.

They call you Sue.

The view from the mountain top was spectacular.

The status of a doctor is very high in this community.


Frances was the last kid to go home.

Has anyone spoken to you?

Must be nice...

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Did you ever travel abroad by ship?

He did not know what to do, and held his head in his hands.

The society made him president.

Mickey was Vassos's best friend.

It was creepy.

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She looked at me and laughed.


I have the tickets.

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Dan accepted Linda's invitation to dinner.


Don't worry, this street is not obstructed

I told him it was urgent.

He called for beer.


We'll sleep embraced.

We can tell Deborah later.

I know you want to talk to me.

He managed to climb the mountain.

Belinda went over to talk to Patrice.

I think my neighbor may have died.

Would you like to hear more?

Curtis knows that Nanda is a recovering alcoholic.

When I got home, I realized that one of my suitcases had disappeared.

Toft said he found a wallet in the back seat.

Don't be a dick.

I wish to learn.

I want to talk to you before you leave.

I don't think you're in any danger.

The game will be held even if it rains.


You might as well give up.

I hear you're good at French.

Where are we going now?


Do you still want to go?


Rex is still the best.

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If you're trying to scare me, you're succeeding.

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I already know what I'm going to do.


The Gulf Stream is a great river of warm water flowing within the Atlantic Ocean.

He is a university student.

I want to take advantage of the opportunity to speak to the governor.


Wendell is sound asleep in bed.

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Do you know anyone who might be able to help us?

Time for a hot bath, and then it's bedtime.

I was just having a little fun.


It's a nice day today.

I must have the film that is in my camera developed.

Every year, a festival is held when it is the best time to see the cherry trees.

Why are guys so stupid?

This tree is tall.


You raise a good point.


I didn't understand your joke.

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When was the last time you translated a book?


How old is that painting?

Pierce would never allow it.

Jerome wants to give it a try.

Give me a minute to catch my breath.

This bird is called a seagull.