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Best VPN Provider gives you latest editorial & user reviews, features, purposes, price comparisons, and exclusive discounts & deals from the world of best VPN providers. Explore the best privacy providers by platform including Windows, Android and Mac or by purpose like best VPN for Gaming and Streaming. Check out our list of the best VPN providers below and enjoy in-depth reviews. At Best VPN Provider we cover all the latest news and trends of the privacy industry. To learn more about Best Virtual Private Networks, scroll down to our brief guide below.

Top 5 Best VPN Providers

In our previous ExpressVPN review we concluded that the provider offers one of the best customer support services in the VPN industry. This year’s ExpressVPN review focuses on the brand’s cutting edge online privacy, high speed servers and custom...
UK based VPN provider, HideMyAss, is one of the biggest VPN providers in the industry. It has numerous VPN servers spread across the world and combined with efficient performance, HideMyAss is one of the best VPN services that you can use today.
If you are looking to smash the geo restrictions, Hotspot is a good solution but for technical and heavy internet users looking for high online security, we would suggest other paid VPN services.
Excellent performance combined with exceptional online security, IPVanish has 400+ servers in 60 Countries with more than 40,000 IP Addresses with a price of only $4.87/month. IPVanish is undoubtedly the Best VPN Provider in the Market today.

What is a VPN?

If you have never heard of Virtual Private Networks or VPNs, you have come to the right place. We will embark on a journey of revelations as we learn more about the VPN technology and how it works.

A Virtual Private Network is a tool that creates a secure & encrypted connection between you and a dedicated remote server, the dedicated server then communicates with the internet on your behalf keeping you anonymous. VPN enhances online privacy by protecting your identity, personal data, communications and other sensitive information from cyber criminals, ISPs, surveillance agencies, and other malicious entities.

Best VPN Provider

Employing cutting edge Tunneling & Encryption technologies, only a VPN keeps your online activities private from Government Surveillance, ISP Monitoring and Cyber criminals. The remote server enhances anonymity by routing all requests through its IP address rather than revealing your real IP address.

What Does a VPN Do?

Various countries restrict netizens from accessing online content while geo-blocking different websites based on copyright issues, indecency and inciting hatred. VPNs bypass geo restrictions and censorship giving you complete internet freedom to surf, read, watch, listen and download. VPN providers for Netflix, HULU etc. are available for you to stream all your favorite TV shows, movies, documentaries, and other entertainment from anywhere in the world.

The best providers offer distinct online privacy advantages for businesses, public Wi-Fi users, home users, online gamers, journalists, reporters and netizens in other walks of life. Access the best VPN provider reviews to understand in detail how VPN services function.

Best VPN to Counter Surveillance

VPNs also protect you from unwarranted state surveillance & data breaches. You can review the best VPN provider in our rankings and select the best defense for your online data privacy. For instance, using a UK VPN netizens can stay anonymous from GCHQ surveillance which will keep communications, chats, emails and personal VoIP conversations safe. Likewise, using the Ellasar provider keeps users protected from NSA's PRISM surveillance of your online activity.

Best Gaming VPN Providers

In case you fancy online gaming and love competing with top gamers from all over the world, using a gaming VPN enhanced for online gaming, you can enjoy stable game playing in any region of the world. Using the Best Gaming VPN listed in our blog, you can minimize lag and reduce high ping from your online game play.

Best Provider for Business VPN

Business users can make the best use of the Fastest VPN providers by using the privacy tools when they are away on business trips, using public Wi-Fi networks while working and even in the office. A VPN offers state of the art encryption which secures data by converting it into alpha-numeric code. Once the VPN encrypts data it can then only be decoded with a key, which is only available to the recipient.

Best Multi platform VPN Providers

Check our exclusive previews of the Windows, Android, iOS, and Mac VPNS to find the best provider for all your devices and operating systems. The previews also offer leading VPN apps for both desktop & mobile devices to make connecting easier for beginners and faster for experts.VPNs are also readily available over devices that are not directly compatible. For instance, you can configure the service over routers, Blackberry devices, Amazon Fire devices, PlayStation & Xbox consoles, Linux machines, streaming boxes (ROKU, Boxee etc.) and hundreds of other devices.Use our search feature to look up the best VPN providers, setup guides, and top providers specific for your devices and operating systems.Remember to visit our exclusive Reddit VPN vote page to vote for your favorite VPN service for streaming, torrenting and gaming.