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We will take it to the potential customers.

I drove them home.

That's a disappointment.

You're exceeding your authority.

It took me by surprise.

He wrote a letter with great facility.

Sid disappeared into the tunnel.

He has blonde hair and blue eyes.

Have you ever been kicked off a plane?

I'd like to see the Statue of Liberty.

Tell Duke I'm in a meeting.

I do hear something.

He had a wonderfully powerful memory.


This is something I can help you with.

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I forbid you smoking!

I hastened here to give the dear departed my last, very sad farewell.

You're the laziest person I know.


Will you be able to pick up the gauntlet?

She lives on her own.

Tracey realized Linley was staring at him.

Do be quiet.

I don't like math.

"Love your neighbour as yourself" is a quotation from the Bible.

He is a lazy student.


We have two sons.

Very soon they were married.

Ramiro and Harold are rich.

I thought you had better not go out.

Mitch is overweight, isn't he?


Real was a nurse.

The excited woman tried to explain the accident all in one breath.

When I was a kid I could sleep anywhere.

I'm really sorry to hear that.

You're being silly.


It's been a struggle.

The economy of the island is dependent on the fishing industry.

He could not take examination on account of his illness.

I love fish.

Do you have any employees who speak Japanese?

In fact, I am happy.

Martyn is in bed.

As for incomplete sentences...

Why not ask her?

Danny doesn't shave yet.

My efforts have been futile thus far.

We will do it.

Do you want to hear this story or not?

You'll be asked why you want to be a teacher.

I'm sorry. I didn't mean it.

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They are very important people.

She slipped in crossing the road.

He has lived off his parents for ten years since he graduated from college.

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We're open for business.

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I wish I could've seen you.

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Lock the gate.

I am pleased to meet you.

It remains to be seen whether or not going to America to study is good for me.

He came near to being drowned in the river.

I hate school.


The speaker believes that overt expression of feeling for others helps people tap into their own repressed emotions.


Juri told me that the trip had been canceled.

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They have a son.


Hal is coming in.

Caves are dark.

She disguised herself as him.


Will you do me a favor?


Give my regards to your sister.

Your examples are cherry-picked, nothing more than anecdotal evidence.

The most popular game in the world is made by Swedes.

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He is a man of vision.

Shall we eat dinner out today?

We agreed on 2:30.

Are you still in Boston?

Perry and Luc were sitting at the kitchen table, talking.

I don't have any pictures of you.

Show them how it's done.


Our time is limited.


We can't let Shankar walk. Let's give him a ride.


We've accomplished almost everything we set out to do.

Several newspapers published the story.

I can't say I'm sorry.


His poetry does not translate into Japanese.

Europeans gained an advantage over all other civilizations 500 years ago.

Dominic spelled my name wrong.

I'm confused. What am I going to do now?

Is mail delivered on Sunday?

There are tulips behind the steel building.

You're not allowed outside this room.


Don't ever give up hope.


Phone robbery thwarted in unusual manner.

Be sure to get a receipt when you deliver the package.

The sun seemed to stand still.

That is not what she is going to talk about.

Drink water from a stream.


I'm not paid to do that.

Whose fault is it?

They can't have lost the game.

Change is the only constant.

I fight badly.

Are you fond of music?

It's almost as absurd as building a nuclear reactor inside a castle.

Panicking won't help.

The police regarded him as a party to the crime.

I don't think you're wrong.

I've saved the best for last.

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I'll take this back.

He does not like cats.

I only want the money you owe me.

Charlie stood up and headed for the bathroom.

Who is the author of this book?

He is thankful for your kindness.

Why were you absent from school yesterday?


I serve on a jury about once a year.


I hope to pass my exams.

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I don't have the patience for this.

Few people know each other well.

What time do you turn the lights off?

Do you want me to tell him?

Israel was totally confused.


I'm pretty bummed out.


I can make my own decisions.

The track descends.

But Pepperberg says working with the parrot has already changed the way of looking at animals.


I know you're going to win.

Just apologize to them.

Everybody's in bed.

You're leaving already?

Thomas says this is what he really needs.

He went out a little before five o'clock.

Let's hit the road.


Wayne isn't easily surprised.

The president appointed a new manager.

They pitched their tents on the beach.

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You're a freak.

One day passed. Then another.

Although communication and excommunication sound similar, they have absolutely nothing to do with one other.

I have to receive treatment.

I'm pretty smart.


Forgive them, God, for they know not what they do.


Just say you don't know.

You're not listening.

Can I have one too?


It's Friday today.

Would you like for me to make you something to eat?

Socorrito liked being with Celeste.

Tony used to come to work in a Ford.

He felled a tree in his garden.

That's delusional.

What must Linder say so that Jong forgives him?


He knows how to curse in Chinese.

A farewell party was held in honor of Mr Smith.

Val said it was a beautiful day.


The question is whether Maurice can be trusted.


The garden is separated from the road by a fence.

Stephe needs to see a doctor.

He wanted to please the crowd.


I have often been there.


Today is McRib Friday.