I'm not in a mood to eat right now.

Ji is stronger than you.

I still don't see why I have to be here.

It scares me a little.

I have a friend waiting for me in the lobby.

You take my breath away.

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Who saw the funeral today?

These are all I have.

I can resist everything but temptation.

Devon's flight has just taken off.

Please stop it.

Come and I'll show you what I do to frogs like you.

Need I go to the dentist's?


It isn't far from here.

What are we going to do today?

You have to wait.

What were they saying?

Wondering if she came, I looked out the window.

Not just 'child's independence'. Parents must also become independent of their children.

Watch out! There's a speed camera.

I'm killing myself to meet the deadline.

He didn't like to sing but they made him sing.

Where exactly are you?

The trouble blew over in a few days.

Tricia asked me to stay with him until his father got home.

May you have a lovely day.

My brother didn't have the courage to swim across the river.

How close are you to Joni?

I don't want to pay through the nose for a hotel room.

Mr Johnson is older than I thought he was.

I can't go back to the way it was.

It's not about them.

Stars twinkled in the sky.

We've ordered a pizza.

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I'm a morning person.

He denied knowing anything about it.

Don't give up your day job.


You must work hard in order not to fail.

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The children were very amused with his tricks.

He came, he saw - and didn't say anything.

Can anybody help me?


Two years went by before I could find a good job.

Terrance is the one who mugged you.

This is so wrong.

This is unbearable!

How many caves are there in this area?

Boyd often talks to himself.

How long ago did you start learning Esperanto?

I'll tell you how to deal with Lorien.

Does that sound likely to you?

He is skillful in teaching pupils.

I predicted Tharen would lose.


You'll be busy tomorrow afternoon.

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Do you have any one dollar bills?


I hope we'll be home for Christmas.

Let's go to the park where it is not noisy.

Did Shadow travel last year?

There's nothing that can be done.

The Italians often drink coffee.

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Stop doing that.

Carisa handed Stan a glass of red wine.

I won't do that unless you want me to.

The airplane climbed sharply.

He disdained bribery.


How long will your friend Jane stay in Milan?

It's been a long time since I've worn a tie.

It's all a big misunderstanding.


Her cheeks burned with shame.

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Lynn helps Eliot move the furniture.

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Jayant is a surgeon.


Son bought a camera for 500 dollars.

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Would you come to the cinema with me?

Let me fill you in.

Can you tell us what happened?


Paul is so pleasant a person that everybody likes him at once.

Do you have anything better?

I didn't have the strength or resolution to argue with Elisabeth.


I'm not completely naive.

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I ran into my friend at the theater last night.

We have dealt with this store for 16 years.

What are you good at?

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How did you find out?

I don't want to share.

The regime was eventually ousted from power.


Are you sure you don't want to ask Ronni to help?


Kazuhiro breathed slowly and deeply to calm his nerves before going into the interview room.

She tried to commit suicide.

He thinks I'm jealous.

I'm going to call at his house tomorrow.

The water in this river is very clean.

This student is lazy.

I'm a student, but he isn't.

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I was smiling.

40 Euros for a scarf? Don't you have anything cheaper?

There's probably very little I can do.

As soon as Jim got home, he made a beeline for the rest room.

Are you studying French?

Are you sure Sofia is alone?

Can you believe this?

We all live in the same dormitory.

Any car will do, as long as it runs.

I can't live any longer without him.

It's a cellphone.

After a careful survey of Bennu to characterize the asteroid and locate the most promising sample sites, OSIRIS-REx will collect between 60 to 2,000 grams of surface material with its robotic arm and return the sample to Earth via a detachable capsule in 2023.

I would like some white bread.

Would you care for some food?

I had to deal with Helen.

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A submarine cable was laid between the two countries.

You're ten minutes late.

There is no use crying for help. No one will hear you.

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Let's just go away.

We have to forget it ever happened.

Have you ever climbed Mt. Fuji?


Lukas seems to be getting nervous.

Tammy is tormented every night by horrific nightmares.

He explained the process of building a boat.

If it were to rain tomorrow, the match would be postponed.

Why don't you want to do this?

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I barely know Leung.

"Whose letters are these?" "They are Linda's."

The box bears the stamp of the manufacturer.

Ahmet pulled a coin out of his pocket.

How will you get to school tomorrow?

Many people encouraged me to fulfill my ambitions.

Only we can save them.

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Spyros told me his father was in the hospital.


You had to join that project.

Sriram hurt himself yesterday.

He applied a tourniquet before slitting his wrists.

I really don't understand anything.

Suddenly he stood up and left the hall.

I don't want something like this to happen.

Be sensible.

I know what my mistakes were.

Silence is most powerful. Speech is always less powerful than silence.

The vote took place on May sixteenth.

Sylvan got drenched to the skin.

I didn't do it for them.

Bring all your friends next time.

Myron certainly knows a thing or two about business.

He thinks it's safer to drive himself than to let me drive.

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We'll see how much Jan knows.

The keys to the garage are gone.

I have a funeral to attend.

I know that Aimee was there a few hours ago.

Lawyers and auto mechanics are the people I trust the least.

Louie sent me over to get you.

The event is on Sunday.

Stan appears nervous.

How long have you two been going out?


That sketch looks nothing like me.

He may have been ill then.

She has a lot of respect for her teacher.

Kylo did everything he could to help Jianyun.

I'll wait here until she comes.

I leave uncultivated today, was precisely yesterday perishes tomorrow which person of the body implored.

Just stay out of my life.

Our nation loves all kinds of shit.

In my free time, I write poetry.


We'll follow them.

One should read many books when one is young.

I can tell my umbrella from the others.

He's got a commanding manner about him.

He enjoys reading novels.

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How much does he spend per month?

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We could ask Ramanan not to go.