Homemade Back Acne Treatment – Could These Natural Face Masks Cure Your Back Acne?

While prescriptions and over the counter medications can be a good choice for treating back acne, a homemade back acne treatment can be a desirable option for people who like to keep it natural and reduce their exposure to harmful chemicals and drugs.

Keep in mind that using a homemade back acne treatment can be effective, but it can also take a lot longer for you to notice an improvement. If you can control the reasons why you suffer from back acne breakouts, you may also be able to improve and lessen the intensity and frequency of breakouts. Bacne can often be caused by irritation of your skin, or basically something rubbing on the skin that helps to trap dirt in the pores and then may lead to infection or bacne.

The irritation can be increased if you tend to carry a backpack which also rubs on your back or any tight fitting clothing that does not allow air to circulated in between the clothing and your skin. Choosing clothing that is more breathable, such as cotton, is also a very good idea.

So what kinds of homemade back acne treatment are there? Some people swear by things they make up out of their own fridge. There are certain items that will work if you make up a breathable face masks that are protective. There are a variety of masks that you can create at home that you can apply to your back. You can create a mask by combining various ingredients into a paste and then applying it. A lemon mask is a combination of lime juice and rose water. Obviously, this will not be a paste mask, but you can apply it with cotton balls and allow it to dray on the skin. The naturally occurring astringent in lemon helps to reduce skin oil.

A simple tomato mask is made from crushed tomato pulp. Apply crushed tomato pulp directly to the affected area, allowing it to dry and remain on the skin for half an hour. The vitamins in tomato – A and C help to reduce the size of pores.

Oatmeal is another helpful ingredient. Cook the oatmeal, allow it to cool and add honey to it. Apply it to your skin and leave it on for twenty minutes. Oatmeal also removes excess oil from the skin and helps to prevent breakouts.

Mint juice and turmeric can be rubbed onto your back and left on for about fifteen minutes. This combination reduces inflammation and lessens the appearance of bacne.

Healthy eating, getting regular exercise and drinking more water are also tried and true when it comes to a homemade back acne treatment. Water helps to flush impurities and toxins from your body. Adding a teaspoon of honey and a half a lemon to the water once daily before you eat is another great home remedy. When it comes to eating right, eliminate refined sugar and fried foods from your diet. There is really no nutritional value in these kinds of foods in any event, so the less you eat of them, the better.

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