How to Create Pinwheel Art With Children

A great project that has sparked conversations among teachers and students nationwide for many years are Pinwheels for Peace. In this project, the students make the pinwheels, write their wish for peace on the back of the pinwheel, and plant the pinwheels on school ground to watch peace soar into their air.

So to start off, first, you will need to gather required materials for you and your kids to make pinwheel. To make one pinwheel you need to have a sharpened pencil, papers (any type that you like), a plastic drinking straw, a scissor, a paper fastener, some crayons, and some colored pencils or markers.

You also need a pinwheel pattern, if you don’t have one I would suggest doing a quick search online for one.

Now, let the wartenberg pinwheel making begin. A child as young as three can do this project under proper assistance. It is important that you help the children when they need help, but remember not to overpower the children by doing a high percent of the work for them. Children love to have hand on experience in learning new things.

This activity will teach to listen and follow direction and express their creativity in drawing and writing. First, have the children cut along the solid lines of the pattern. The result will be a nice square. Then, tell the kids to decorate the front side of the square and write what peace means to them on the back side.

After that, a cut along the dot dot dot lines from the corners of the square to the edges of the circle should be made. You might need to demonstrate this to the youngsters to avoid any accidental cutting into the center of the circle. The next step is to use the sharpened pencil to poke holes through four tiny dark circles and then after that at about half an inch from the top of the straw, push the pencil point through the straw. When that is accomplished, tell the kids to put their patterns on flat surfaces.

Now connect the tiny holes with the center of the circle. And then, using the paper fastener, push the ends of the paper fasteners to the holes. After that the fastener should be forced through the center circle. Finally, stick the straw on the back of the pinwheel and force the ends of the fastener to the straw hole. Last, help your young artists open up the fastener.

Now a pinwheel is finish and is ready to planted and display for all to see. To enhance learning experience, have the children share their thought on pinwheels and their ideas of peace. You can also use books or internet resources to show children pictures of pinwheels around the world. Learn along with your youngsters and let imagination fire.


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