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Interview with Ivana Grzetic – Former Miss Universe Croatia – Now Sea Kayaking Entrepreneur

In one of my hunts on the Internet about fascinating travel sites I discovered a webpage on ocean kayaking in the Adriatic. I reached the website admin to do a common connection trade and upon additional examination, I asked Ivana, one of the organizers of the site, to really do a meeting with me. As you will see, she is a specialist on Croatia and a lovely intriguing individual herself.

Ivana Grzetic was brought up in Dubrovnik in a “obsessed with the ocean” group of scuba jumpers and ocean kayakers. She is an alum of ACMT (American College of Management and Technology) in Dubrovnik.

As Miss Universe Croatia 1998 and a design model, Ivana voyaged everywhere on the world, including Hawaii, California, Hong Kong, China, South Korea and Europe. She presently anticipates sharing her insight and love of the Dubrovnik area and the ocean with global guests.

In 2003, Ivana Grzetic and Edi Brkic established Adriatic Sea Kayaking. Their central goal is to offer Dubrovnik guests a chance to encounter and investigate the Dalmatian coast, Elafiti islands, the Mediterranean waters, and the district’s set of experiences and culture in a protected, sound, dynamic way. Adriatic Sea Kayak Hotels offers top quality dynamic trips that commend the district’s common excellence and social legacy with negligible negative natural effect.

1. If it’s not too much trouble, reveal to us somewhat about Croatia, its area, its scenes, urban areas and history.

Croatia is arranged in Europe, between Italy, Hungary, Slovenia and Bosnia. Albeit this nation has just 4,7 million occupants, it has three totally various areas: costal, mainland and mountain. Maybe the most alluring one is costal, Mediterranean Croatia – the place where there is islands. To be specific, in this piece of Croatia there are 1185 islands!

The most alluring town in Croatia is Dubrovnik (50,000 occupants), arranged at the southern piece of Croatian coast. Encircled with great practically 2km long City Walls, this town is a piece of World Heritage. Among numerous attractions there are: Rector’s Palace-once a seat of Dubrovnik’s Government, Franciscan Monastery with third most established drug store in Europe and dazzling Romanesque – Gothic shelter, rococo Cathedral, St. Blast’s Church, second most established Synagogue in Europe, Jesuit church with little form of ‘Spanish Steps’.

Dubrovnik has the most stunning history: for very nearly 5 centuries it was an autonomous republic (1358-1808), which had its own administration and the Rector-who was the top of the Republic. During that period Dubrovnik was probably the most extravagant town and quite possibly the most remarkable business communities in Europe.

2. If it’s not too much trouble, inform us concerning the vehicle associations with Croatia. How can one get to Croatia?

Croatia has 3 global air terminals: Zagreb, Split and Dubrovnik. Zagreb is all around associated with most European nations all year. During the season (April – October) there are immediate contract departures from UK, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Italy, Germany, France, Spain and numerous other European nations to Dubrovnik and Split.

Dubrovnik has direct ship lines with Bari and Ortona in Italy, while Split and Zadar are all around associated with Ancona and Pescara (Italy). Parkway development between Zagreb-Dubrovnik is in measure, and right now we have a thruway from Zagreb to Sibenik (80 km north of Split). There is a nearby street from Sibenik to Split and (Dubrovnik is 220km southern from Split)

3. If it’s not too much trouble, remark on the convenience alternatives in Croatia (eg. lodgings, inns, loft rentals, quaint little inns, setting up camp, and so forth)

Croatia offers an assortment of convenience alternatives: camps, private rooms, private condos, inns and inns. There are numerous acceptable camping areas on the coast. Nonetheless, wild setting up camp isn’t permitted, particularly on the islands. Private convenience is acquiring in fame and can be reserved absurd. Booking private convenience, you ordinarily book just for the time being since a large portion of private convenience proprietors don’t offer breakfast and different dinners. Inns have excellent principles. Those essentially offer breakfast included, in spite of the fact that you can track down some that offer comprehensive projects.

4. What are the significant traveler territories in Croatia? What sort of exercises are there for explorers?

The primary traveler territory in Croatia is its costal part, which could be separated into 2 principle districts: Istria-at the northern part, with towns: Rovinj, Umag, Porec and Dalmatia at the southern piece of Croatian coast, with towns: Dubrovnik, Split, Sibenik, Zadar, Makarska and islands: Brac, Hvar, Korcula, Mljet, Pag. Two biggest towns along the Croatian coast are Split and Rijeka. Both have a populace under 300,000. The island of Pag is an extraordinary gathering place, ideal for youngsters. Istrian and Dalmatian towns offer a scope of chances for vacationers: from social touring to top notch food, nightlife, and day exercises: ocean kayaking, plunging, cruising. Around there, aside from ocean kayaking, plunging and cruising, there are intriguing horseback riding, jeep safari and wine sampling visits.

3. How is the climate in Croatia? What seasons are ideal to go to Croatia?

Croatia is a nation of three distinct environments: mainland on the north, mountain – in center of Croatia and Mediterranean in its costal part. At the costal piece of Croatia summers are long, dry and blistering while winters are gentle and moist, with heaps of downpour. The best period to come to Croatia is a period from early April to mid-October. In the event that you are coming for the ocean, June, July, August and September are ideal. Notwithstanding, during July and August Croatia becomes extremely busy.

4. You are situated in the city of Dubrovnik. Dubrovnik was additionally influenced by the Balkan battles in the mid 1990s. Kindly remark on this troublesome time and furthermore give us a depiction of this city today.

During its set of experiences, Dubrovnik never had genuine conflict on its region, until 1991. The significant weapon of the Dubrovnik Republic was its handy tact. Specifically, Dubrovnik was arranging and frequently purchasing its opportunity. The expense was at times extremely high, yet it was consistently worth of it.

At the point when the conflict in Croatia began, no one truly accepted that Dubrovnik – a city enrolled in World Heritage, would be sincerely assaulted. The time frame somewhere in the range of 1991 and 1992 was the hardest season of Dubrovnik’s set of experiences. The city was assaulted from the air, from land and from ocean. The central avenue in Dubrovnik – Stradun was consuming. There was no water and power; the racks in the stores were totally vacant. One could purchase just bread around then. It appeared as though there was no chance to get out…

Reproduction occurred following the conflict. Today one would never envision what was happening in Dubrovnik in mid nineties. The city is brimming with travelers and this year Lonely Planet announced it as perhaps the most well known objections on the planet.

5. Your organization gives ocean kayaking visits, from day-long excursions to week-long visits. Kindly reveal to us more about what your organization does and what makes your visits novel.

Adria Avanture is the lone ocean kayaking organization from Dubrovnik. We offer a wide scope of ocean kayaking visits:

Half day visits: with day by day takeoffs from Dubrovnik to the islands of Lokrum and Kolocep. These visits don’t need any past rowing experience.

Multy Day Tours: Short Break Tour and Multi week Kayaking take into account ones who are searching for experience and departure from consistently stress.

We likewise offer some extremely fascinating teambuilding programs.

At Adria Avanture we accentuate on close to home assistance. Our aides are here at home and they know each rock, each secret inlet on your course, neighborhood individuals and intriguing accounts of the spots you visit.

We support the Croatian motto: “Help us keep the Adriatic clean”. We leave the climate for what it’s worth. All we take with us are the photographs and the recollections. This is the reason neighborhood individuals are cordial to kayakers.

6. How could you concoct this business thought, how long have you been doing business and where do your customers come from? What season do you offer these visits?

I was brought into the world in a ‘obsessed with the ocean’ group of scuba jumpers and kayakers. My folks transmited to me an adoration for nature and the ocean. As a style model, I invested some energy in Greece, where I saw coordinated ocean kayaking visits. This propelled me and in 2003, along with my sweetheart I established Adria Avanture. We coordinate ocean kayaking trips from May to October. Greater part of our customers come from UK, Ireland, Sweden, Norway and USA.


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