Just give it to me.

How's your position when you fell in the swamp? We were all shocked.

Do you still want to see a movie later?

The doctors told Luc that Rod didn't have long to live.

I'll ask him if he will come.

He was outraged.

I tried to tell Rainer.

I have gotten him into trouble.

Hopefully, Sundaresan will wait for me.

This is good for us.

She need not have kept silent.

Those two don't get along.

Rogue thought that was a good idea.

Andreas and Christina rescued an orphaned kitten.

It's settled then.

Is everything OK?

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The husband wakes up his wife.

Hey Susan, how are things?

You'd better not be wasting our time.


We remembered the old days when we had played together.


You go on without me.

I thought it was true.

The ballon burst.

These things are much better spoken about face to face so that we can draw diagrams and demonstrate timings on logic analyzers and oscilloscopes where necessary.

It's my problem.

Takayuki said Pilar is a good mom.

If he is corrected too much, he will stop talking.

The bear ran after me.

I don't really know very much about you.

Warren put his key in the door.

I've been thinking about the first time I met Srinivasan.

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He doesn't want you to lose a whole week.


He cleared out his desk.

I've been summoned to headquarters urgently.

I didn't want to involve her.

This isn't as hard as it looks.

Where, Sir, are you going to?


I want you to do me one last favor.

Leith accused Vince of stealing his money, but she denied it.

It is safe to skate on this lake.

She has been studying French for a few years.

No, today I'm not going to school.


I'd like to try some Thai food.

She always destroys my mood with her caustic remarks.

It goes without saying that experience is a good teacher.

Never look directly at the Sun, even for a second! It will damage your eyesight forever!

I like the green bicycle more than the pink.

The cells have the capacity to convert food into energy.

Do you know what Ravindranath did?

We're upset.

Behold the days come saith the LORD that the plowman shall overtake the reaper and the treader of grapes him that soweth seed and the mountains shall drop sweet wine and all the hills shall melt.

Can I make copies?

I understand perfectly.

How old is this dog?

The old woman went, and soon returned along with the Princess.

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I'll see you in the morning.

Stay away from Knute's house.

I can understand most of what Lynnette says in French.


Jeanette has answered all of the questions.

Claudio built it.

I think that he is from Egypt.

He lifted the board and looked at the keys.

We thought that you would not come because of your commitments.

That little house looks just like the little house my grandmother lived in when she was a little girl, on a hill covered with daisies and apple trees growing around.

The whole audience erupted in laughter.

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You need to let go.

Her eyes are beautiful.

It's a bit flimsy.

I'm ready to forgive him.

I have changed.

He has sharp hearing.

What are you drawing?

Brodie is a bibliophile.

This movie terrifies children.

I'd do anything to get you back.

As you like.


Day is breaking.

This song was written by Foster.

We can look at a suit clad Alvin at a black grand piano with dramatic finger moves, creating music that is very pleasant to listen to.

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Why does your brother hate me?


She went to the back of the line.

I want to know what happened.

Where did you bone them?

You should grab your bag and hurry home.

We are too drunk.

I'm sure I can persuade Dylan to help.

Europe has fallen into a vicious circle. It has been hit not only by debt but also by a lack of growth.

It is not good to break a promise.

My fingers left marks on the glass.

Is there an English speaker here?

Why have I done such mistakes?


I haven't decided what to do yet.

Edgar Degas was luckier than many painters.

How do you pronounce his name?


This necktie does not match my coat.

Okay, I'll do it.

I'd say we have a problem.

It seems unfair to me.

Per likes to read fiction.


Normally this wouldn't worry the pilot, but recently this kind of thing has been happening more and more often.


I am come to offer what service may be in my power.

Muammar Kaddafi escaped unharmed.

Sassan looked nervous.

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Klava pulled everybody's leg.

Robert Smith is the singer of the group The Cure.

Edith considered his answer carefully.

Hiroyuki could hear screaming.

That artist created a lot of beautiful pictures.

Thuan often quotes the Bible.

This car is as good as new.

You see, I left school when I was thirteen.

I'll try to stay on your good side, lest I get cut in two by that acerbic tongue of yours.


She keeps her diary in English.

Mr. Wood was like a father to Tony.

I'm not a tourist.


Do you have children?


If I considered the possibility of catching the flu every time I kiss a girl I don't know, I'd have no luck with the ladies at all.

Richard left his work half done so he could get to the station in time.

You won't believe what Teruyuki just did.

The roads were empty.

No body is perfect.

Florian wishes he had a larger office.

Let's try to find out what Heather expects us to do.

They were unfair with him.

Your eyes are bigger than your stomach.


What was the second reason?


If I killed myself, everyone would be happy, wouldn't they?

Start at once, or you will be late.

Life is not all fun and games.

Maybe you should make brochures for Interlingua and distribute them.

This glass is dirty.

We can always coordinate.

You have got masks.


Juha stared blankly at the wall.


We've run short of money.

I lived in this house as a child.

Let's not do things we'll regret.

I couldn't care less about what Louis thinks.

You may rest assured that we shall do all we can.

I didn't realize Kanthan was such a close friend of yours.

How long have you looked after this rose garden?

I have three brothers; one lives in Japan, and the others abroad.

I was simply entranced by the beauty of her face.

Keep a good dictionary at hand.

Nothing can stop us now.


Jitendra doesn't want to be seen talking to you.

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Kathleen has a good heart.

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You look just like Sherri.

Alex wanted to win Milo back.

Have you been thinking about me?

You are evil! You are all demons!

Kerry went to buy dog food.


We flew over their farm in a helicopter.


Don't let him intimidate you.

You have no idea how painful it is to say this.

I don't eat supper because I want to lose some weight.


Dimitry surrendered.

You need to double-click on the application's icon to open the application.

Krzysztof is in enormous pain.

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She keeps a lover in the palace.

Why was Molly in there?

I am looking forward to seeing you again soon.

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This is an outrage!

He extracted a passage from the poem.

We're all quite fond of Adam.

Why don't you want to wear a dress?

I don't want to step on anybody's toes.