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Print Pro Premium is a design and print system for the manufacture of products including:
  1. UK vehicle number plates.
  2. UK health & Safety Signs.
  3. Business Cards.
  4. Printed Labels.
  5. Temporary Road Traffic Signs.
  6. Taxi Plates.
PPP uses a unique design method that delivers high quality vectored images, from an online base, for printing to inexpensive laser and or inkjet printers. Designs are created from either manual or customer (via a website or eBay) entry of data.
There are three methods of printing:
  1. One click print via a print server.
  2. Network direct to specific printers on a newtwork.
  3. Via PDF to any printer.

In addition PPP:
  1. Is a full online shopping facility.
  2. With an easy to use website builder.
  3. Integration into eBay.
  4. Supports the Royal Mail DMO post system.

The following buttons try to explain or demonstrate how some of the various systems work, including how to use and set up PPP for existing users. For more information please contact us 07483 136181
Number Plate System
A manufacturing solution for UK vehicle registration plates.
Registration (number) plates are made by printing the VRM (Vehicle Registration Mark), with a laser or thermal printer, onto a reflective or transparent media and assembled with an acrylic or ABS material.
OkiC532 Laser Printer
An Oki C532 laser printer. Prints transparent media.

In order to print the VRM, specialist software is required to make up the appropriate design.
    PPP Software Features
  1. Large selection of Plate Sizes including special shaped rear plates.
  2. Choice of Registration Fonts with an option to have your own.
  3. Ability to create Bottom Line options including graphical lines.
  4. Selection of Border colours and sizes.
  5. Huge selection of Side Badges with the option to load your own.
The software is supplied on a subscription basis and is accessed online.
The basic subscription is £6.25 per week and which gives you 100Mb worth of data each week.
100Mb of data equates to approximately 250 standard number plates per week. For each 1Mb over the 100Mb there is a charge of 10p.
Billing occurs four weekly in advance with excess data use carried into the next period.
    The main advantages are:
  1. Multiple computers in multiple locations can access and use the software.
  2. Set up and use/sell anywhere there is an online signal including via a mobile phone.
  3. Designs/orders can be created for printing somewhere else or at a later date.
  4. Every time there is an update or improvement to the software, it is immediately available.
In addition a Print Server is required. The server is a small computer measuring 10cm x 7cm x 3cm that connects into your LAN (Local Area Network) and is an additional £195. The server supports many printers, including the Oki C532 shown above that is available for £275.
Raspberry Pi Print Server.
Total price of £495 up and running in minutes.
In addition the software is designed for On Line Sales through a website. We'll take your current website design, or design you a website, to create a top quality design. Starts from as little as £200. Contact us for more information.
All prices subject to VAT at the current rate.
Payment by bank transfer.
(765) 544-0380
An example of a customer using a website to design number plates, proceed to checkout and pay, followed by the process for printing the design and paperwork.
Once a design has been made up and paid for, there is no need to enter any data. The dispatch note will have been automatically generated from the PayPal information. All that's left to do is print and assemble.
Setting up a Raspberry Pi Print Server
The Raspberry Pi print server makes life easy when it comes to print. Once connected into your network (router) it's a matter of a 1 click print process.
Once printers have been installed, the various options for the printer can be set and tweaked via the CUPS interface.
Using PPP to print via PDF
PPP supports the production of PDF of number plate designs. This means any printer that supports number plate printing can utilise all of the system's features.
This page is regularly being developed and updated.
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