The main race yesterday was no surprise. That's the kind of race you can bank on.

No one has the right to tell me what kinds of clothes I can wear.

We were waiting for him over a cup of coffee.


He took part in the Olympic Games.

I don't know why he was late.

His wife seems to be a foreigner.

He is too dumb to fear danger.

Teresa certainly tries hard.

It's a lot to get used to.

How long you will be in Boston?

You were with Roberta the night he died, weren't you?

Were you with them that night?


I still don't see why I have to be here.

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This guitar belongs to me.

I kept as quiet as possible.

I think Boston is worth visiting.


Ramsey and I walked together.

The pay is terrible and the hours are long.

Nichael sent me here to protect you.


People like a happy ending.


I'd advise you to let Collin go.

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Can you tell me the WiFi password?


What I'm supposed to be looking for?

I think you might be overreacting.

Can you update my software?


Rajendra might know how to do this.


He thinks I love her.


Why are you angry with Dewey?

You have three dictionaries.

How long will the storm last?


King and Charles wanted their children to live the American dream.


The city has a population of about four million.

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You'll have to start at once.


Chris risks falling behind in the science class.

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The "complete breakfasts" in cereal commercials always include cereal, milk, toast, and orange juice, but even Americans don't usually eat that much in the morning.

It is a sin to steal even a pin.

This isn't Little Black is it?

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You're sick!

I've already had a coffee.

Call me when you get to Boston.

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Those are our choices.

Someone called Evan.

He is adequate to the job.

I want you to know you've got nothing to be afraid of.

In case of trouble, please call me.

I have a few purchases to make in this store.

Can we afford to buy that?

He picked up the rifle and aimed it at the target.

The price of this book has been reduced by half.

How come you didn't do it?

We call on her now and again.

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I'm seeing Leslie this afternoon.

All men are created equal.

Let's sit down and talk.

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The confirmation hearings turned into a free-for-all.


There is a Mr Ito who wants to see you.

Which part do you choose?

What do you associate with summer?

What would you say to her?

Tim certainly has a tough job.


The number of boys in our class is thirty.

Forget I ever said anything.

He walked through the forest.

Honey, I love you.

This diver's watch is a little too expensive.

We must not keep the fire burning.

He is so nice that everyone likes him.

He exhaled loudly.

The trains are running according to schedule.

Russell sat in the first row.

Have I broken a law, officer?

Donovan doesn't need to finish this by tomorrow.

The magistrate disqualified himself from hearing the case because of a conflict of interest.


Dustin misses you.

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Refer to the dictionary as often as possible.


He became thought of as the best lawyer in this city.

Marilyn boarded a bus bound for Boston.

She is in her hotel now.

Please take us there.

Would you give me some travel brochures from your country?

When was Orville killed?

We used to take long car trips when I was a kid.


I think Sho misses Ssi.

List is afraid of showing his feelings.

I am not in the least worried about it.

Are you a huge fan of trains?

Please learn to spell your teachers' names.

Tell Reiner to stay away from Leif.

Open the door!

The dangers are obvious.

Jakob and Ro were completely alone.

He's a man of importance.

I don't want to do this with you.


I've lost my dignity.

Marco didn't have the courage to face us.

Let's go there.


This is too spicy for me.


This button has come off.

Hurf was watching TV last night.

I wish I could speak French half as well as you can.


"Is she young?" "Yes, she is."

That looks suspicious to me.

That beef is very tender. It just melts in your mouth.


I hope Malloy can fix it.

Everything must be accounted for.

One school in the U.K. has abandoned textbooks in favour of iPads in the classroom.

It is imperative that you be on time as usual.

What am I going to do about Ritalynne?


Neither of them looks happy.

Bad weather discouraged them from going on a picnic.

Air pollution is a serious global problem.

She was taking a shower when the phone rang.

Both policemen were killed.

The store is open from nine to six.

Who listens to him?

My mother is strict about manners.

She tightened the bolts.

We can't sleep because of the noise.

She's very impressionable.


Hunter has been waiting for this.

The house is screened from view with a high fence.

I'll meet you after work.


I'd like to ask you a few questions about what you did last weekend.


He was very pleased with the result.

I'll try to speak to them after they're gone.

What is learned in the cradle is carried to the tomb.


She's reading.


I don't want you in my car.


I think this is the way to go.

Does he want to go back to the army?

Well, that's rather bizarre.

Yes, I'll do what you ask me.

Knowing that every minute, maybe even every second can count for a human life makes you hurry.

His appearance led me astray.

Internal combustion engines burn a mixture of fuel and air.


I may have discussed this with you before.


Donal is a true friend.

I would've let him do it.

Marcia took his iPhone out of his coat pocket.

Everybody did that.

Did you get a good look at the pin he was wearing on his lapel?

This camera is cheap.

I feel disenchanted by the limited capacity of the computer.

I reached the museum after a few minutes' walk.

Swimming is one thing I'm good at.

I like Hokkaido a lot.

She looked like she was going to start crying again.


Sabrina's a dope.

She changed her hairstyle during summer vacation.

Jeannette is slaughtering a sheep.

I've never even touched a gun.

Come out with your hands up.

We are cousins.

Today, federal law prohibits employment discrimination based on race, sex, religion, and disability.

Making you happy makes me happy.

You'd better tell them soon.


She spends a lot of money on shoes.