She put some money away for a rainy day.

That's what we're working on.

It looks like someone's jealous.

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We have a soccer tournament in May.

Everything's about to change.

Where is a vegetarian restaurant?

Jin told Rudolf that he was determined to take the law into his own hands.

Taking a bath makes me relax.

We hoped she would win.

That train is going to Niigata.

Would you get me a glass of water?

Young people are not shy about the future of this country.

Once I make a decision I never change my mind.

Let's just get it over with.

Don't spill the beans.

She wanted to go out.

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He is easy to get on with.

Adjust the setting of the alarm clock.

Language is the dress of thought.

Everett doesn't go to the office on Saturday.

Take good care of yourself.


Why do you think Sir would do this?

I feel terrible today.

Strictly speaking, his view differs somewhat from that of his opponents.

He can touch his nose with his tongue.

I need him now.


His horse won by three lengths.

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We're invited to dinner.

Such words will give rise to suspicion.

Radek was driving the bus.

Better run away right now!

I believe that he was angry.

What did you tell her?

I know what Edgar is looking at.

Up to now I've never been abroad.

I'll be working.

You look very familiar to me.

How did you come up with this crazy idea?

I understand now.

He is a famous merchant.

Tell him anything you want.

I have at least five friends who can speak English.

I have weak sight.

Let's go and investigate.

How long is our train going to be stopped at this station?

The dog chased the cat up a tree.

I'll have to send my camera out for repair.

Will I do as your partner?

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I'm not sure I can trust you.


One shouldn't wonder about that as that was to be expected.


Either of the two must go.


It's a good question. I will try to give a good answer.

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I can tell that you've suffered.

He may have read the letter.

Caleb doesn't want to talk about what happened.


We used to work together.

You should throw this away.

Not everyone in town likes her.


I was easily taken in by his smooth talk.


Bob was washing the dishes at that time.


You look absolutely gorgeous.


Many salesmen are smooth talkers, so I think you shouldn't trust them much.

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I couldn't get him by phone.


I'll show you what Pitawas gave me.


Let's give it a shot.

I'm sure you heard about Bradford's new wife.

Julius wasn't rich.

He urged them to come to an agreement.

Kevan said he wanted to go swimming with us.


It's not disrespect.

She is pursuing her career in interior design.

Joni decided to buy a used car instead of a new one.

We look to him for help.

You just left this morning, but I already miss you.

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I didn't try to go any further.

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I had my tonsils removed two weeks ago.

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She's usually here in the afternoons.


Where are you going all dolled up like that?


Celeste is sexually frustrated.

According to the American journal International Living, Uruguay is ranked among the twenty safest countries in the world.

It's become dark.

I've never flown before.

Edwin did his own research.

I was recruited to the crew when I first got to Covington.

Matthew says she's innocent.

Novo and Bobbie walked out of the classroom.

It has been announced that railway fares will be raised by 10 percent starting on the first of March.

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I didn't hear much.

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It is about time you stopped being so idle and did some work.

Just an hour ago or so I had the idea to make a slightly different version.

The beauty of the sunset surpassed description.

Lucy is a pretty little girl.

Your house is very modern.


Don't let him follow me.

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I've arranged for a bit of privacy.


He cast reflections on me.

Konrad Adenauer was the first chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Your login attempt was not successful. Please try again.


Do you want to stay?

Joanne is a pretty stable person.

I've been waiting for over an hour.

Apart from the cost, the color of the tie doesn't suit me.

I'm sorry, I don't have change.

Let's find out what we should be doing.

Are these cups porcelain?

Are you a tax evader?

Ramiro isn't someone you can rely on.

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I was under a lot of pressure then.

Brian tried to hide his excitement.

How many kids does she have?


I meant no harm.

The atmosphere is relaxed and informal.

It really has been a while, hasn't it?


What did he reply?

It is stupid of him to behave like that.

Please put on your slippers.

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He beatboxes professionally.

She spent all afternoon cooking.

That's easier said than done.

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Byron bought a pair of black dress shoes yesterday.

I'll take some of that.

How far are you going?

Would you like me to wipe your body?

I had bad results this year.

Even I would have helped them.

I'm in charge of the propaganda.

She'll never notice the difference.

It's still better than nothing.

Hey! What a smart person!

I thought you were supposed to be in Boston.

I thought I dreamed it.

This isn't the first time this has happened to me.

I can't get rid of a bad cold.

It'll take some time to get used to wearing a wig.

They were, so to speak, casualties of war.

A sick soul that holds on tight to anger and hate will never heal until it lets go of those demons.

It took me a long time to find a pair of shoes that fit.

We'll wait patiently.

Why don't you sit with Svante?

I was wrong again! And I thought I had understood!

The fighting lasted one week.

Eli has only fifteen minutes to eat his lunch.

My name is Francesco.

I hate zealots.


Anton seems gullible.


Christie put a pile of letters on Murph's desk.

I can't believe I'm saying this out loud.

Those are too big.

Mother is now involved in tennis.

I just want to have a little fun.


Kimberly doesn't make pie crust. She usually buys it pre-made.

Is there something I can do for you?

He was an athlete in high school.

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Sanjib says that he doesn't blame us.

The line was huge and stretched all the way around the block.

I helped fix the leak.

Don't believe what he says.

Elliott is teaching me to how to skate.

I went to Kyoto by car.

I think we should wait for them.