Self-Revealization Acceptance – A Primer on Universal Questions and Answers

Don’t ask questions! There are no answers – certainly not in the abstract and conceptual aspect of the universe, but always, one way or another, in the physical and mundane. And, as a positive statement relative to what I just told you, there are absolutely no authorities regardless of the costumes they wear!

That being said gives rise to the notion of faith as that “thing” that covers up the inadequacy of intellect to discern abstract causation and conditions. But, faith in what? Intellectually defining faith is what causes every existing group, now, later, and once upon a time, to create the need for a specious god regardless of how the definition is perceived. Even among groups that worship the same god, there are variations on the theme allowing individuals to grant specific powers to their own variety of god with statements such as, “my god is more profound than your god,” or “my god is more powerful than your god,” or “my god is always watching over me.” Statements such as these by their own nature include the notion of “one god in all entirety and for all eternity.” Until, of course, things don’t go the way we want them to and we fundamentally get angry and annoyed at our god, perhaps because of incorrect conceptualizing, or a “sin” has been committed.

Yet, in our own dumbfounded wisdom, we may even presume to forgive our god and accept our downfall as our own fault. All of this because we can’t fathom how and why god moves in such mysterious circles.

Make no mistake though, there is a “power,” call it what you will, that permeates your brain and consciousness. Something that we have universally decided to call “thought,” which in itself is also a quaint notion because of the presumption that we create anything. When considering an abstract and giving it a name, you presume to be able to call down its special attributes into your life generally a good portion of the time, but not always. It is the “not always” that creates discord and causes us to cry out to our personal god and plead for an understanding of what went wrong. To overcome this fallacy of thinking, it is essential to come to terms with the tragedy of our own inconsequence.

It is necessary to encapsulate the currency of the universe by an act of self-acceptance based on personal demand according to your desire. Once accepted, you can live in the manner of it being actuated in your life by the mere idea of the idea itself, and that is the true state of being. You must come to understand and accept that the universe is created specifically and perfectly for you and you alone. When you intuitively and sincerely function on this level, you will find that you have everything you need though not necessarily everything you want or think you want based on the definitions of others. And, by not immediately having them, you cause your inherent jealousy to be freed up within you by your own naive thinking.

The Creative Power of the Universe is impersonal irrespective of any race or group thought and belief. Being that everything has already been created outside of your limited alterations of time and space, you only have to dwell-not focus-dwell on your desires. And, surprise, surprise…while you are doing that, you are that!

When you ask the jamb expo of the answer you seek, and you do it correctly and in proper form with proper language, the answer will always reveal itself through the auspices of the question.

Hence, Self-Revealization Acceptance and Your Divine Right to Live in Joy and Freedom.

A Sample Self-Revealization Acceptance to Enhance the Idea.

I accept that I am now able to properly formulate all of the questions I need answers to, and these answers are appropriate to the enhancement of my true self. I acknowledge that the conditions experienced in my life are necessary for me to come to terms with my own reality, and I permit my deepest fears to rid themselves of my consciousness. I do not have to force my fears to be gone; I permit them to leave without any obstruction or impedance. Without hesitation or delay, without confusion or frustration, I accept all that is good for me into my life with no concern for the wants or needs of others who would consciously or unconsciously seek to deprive me of my divine right to live in joy and freedom. When I am at a crossroads and I am unclear of my desire, I will dwell on that desire, knowing it will manifest as clarity of purpose through clarity of thought while the Spirit of the Thing Itself expresses my desire in me, as me, and through me. I am ever grateful to the intelligence of my higher self that permits the Creative Power of the Universe to reflect its perfection in all that I accept as the Spirit of the Thing Itself through my own self-revealization acceptance. So be it!


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