Top 10 Reasons to Live in Las Vegas

Approximately three months of the year, the daytime temperature will reach and possibly exceed 100 degrees. The humidity during those three months will be between 8% and 15% most of the time, and one doesn’t really feel the heat because of the air-conditioning within the car, office or house. The local pubs, stores and casinos all have air-conditioning so you won’t really notice how ‘hot’ it is.

TIP: If you are going out to play tennis or golf or any other outdoor sport it is best to get an early start time so you are off the course or court by noon during the summer. The best things is that you can lay these sports year round in What buffets are open vegas so you don’t rush yourself through a season!

#2: Shopping, Shopping, Shopping!

Las Vegas used to be primarily only a gambling destination. Presently, it has become a popular Shopping destination as well because of it’s discounts and infamous shopping outlets. There are over 500 stores in four locations (Caesar’s Forum Shops, Venetian’s Grand Canal Shoppes, Aladdin’s Desert Passage and the ever so popular Fashion Show Mall) in less than a half mile across the Strip. This is only a small part of what the neon city provides for the thirty-six million visitors that vacation there throughout the year. There are also many malls and shopping stores that cater to the local public as well.

#3: Personal Income Tax doesn’t exist!

It’s true! Las Vegas has no personal,state income tax to pay. Unfortunately, one still has to pay the US IRS their dues, but other than that you get to keep all that you earn! What could be better than that?!!

#4: Jobs, Jobs and more Jobs!

Las Vegas is still one of the fastest growing cities in the US with hospitality and gaming remaining the major industries of the city. Construction is also a very important industry as the city continues to grow. New Business are moving their headquarters to our valley because of the beneficial tax situation. Job opportunities are limitless with this famous neon city!

#5: Wining and Dining

Las Vegas is now recognized as a dining destination for all locals and visitors. Awhile ago, the thought of dining in Las Vegas encouraged thoughts of inexpensive food and buffets that were made available gamblers and visitors alike. If there were fabulous dining establishments within the casinos, the casinos would be put on hold while high rollers sip their martinis and ponder the menu! This was not acceptable for the casinos at the time. Those days are finally over. There are still plenty of all you can eat, low priced buffets available, but now the gamblers and visitor can enjoy fine dining and some superb dishes created by world known top chefs. This has all improved the neon cities image and people flock to these establishments, bringing in more business throughout the casinos and elsewhere.

#6: Viva Las Vegas! Entertainment for all!

This is one of the top reasons to move to Vegas! Entertainment! There are nightclubs on every corner, piano bars,live shows, attractions and lounges in every casino resort of any size. The millions of tourists that come here and the locals all enjoy the entertainment of the neon city!

#7: Close to everything!

In less than an hour you could be sailing your boat on Lake Mead. In four to five hours, you could drive to Phoenix, Los Angeles or San Diego. In a few hours, you could be in Death Valley, and in about three hours, you could drive to the south rim of the ever so famous Grand Canyon.

#8: Open all hours!

24 hours non-stop! Stores like Wal-Mart as well as local stores and all of your neighborhood bars are open for you to visit all hours of the day. Of course,all the 7-11 type stores and gas stations are open as well as
the casinos. Enjoy the freedom!

#9 Reason to livin in Las Vegas: The High Rolling Casinos!

Everyone knows what the casinos have to offer visitors and locals. They are open 24-7 every day of the year. You can drop in and drink or eat and gamble at any hour of the day. Las Vegas has most of the luxurious and largest resorts in the world in the Las Vegas valley


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