Two Ways for Naming a Star

Naming a star as a gift is a great way to consider in making someone happy during special occasions. With this kind of unique gift, you make your love one feel like super special. At first, this idea seems like silly, I know. Who would think that you can buy a star in the sky as a gift? Well, gone are the days that buying stars are impossible and metaphors just to win the heart of dear someone.

There are two ways for naming a star. First, you name stars according to its position and location in the constellation. The naming of this celestial body is done by the International Astronomical Union. The IAU is the official organization to name the stars or planets in the outer space. So if you’re planning to buy a star, don’t go to IAU for they do not offer such services.

Many star name a star after someone registries nowadays tender services like buying a star or naming them. These registries suggest different packages that are right for you budget. So the fact that you buy a star you have the right to name it either to your name or to someone you chose to give the gift. The star naming company will then send you a certificate or a plaque. This will authenticate your transaction with them. Written in the plaque or certificate is the name of the star you have given, the letter or the dedication and the star’s coordinates.

But there are some packages that include telescope, maps and mythological stories, and sometimes articles about the star you chose or pendant with the constellation engrave therein. Sometimes it depends to star naming company you or package you chose. Through these add-ons to the package, it will make it more meaningful and interesting to someone who receives the gift.


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