Have you ever experienced the feeling that you get when you pull that trigger? I am talking about shooting a gun and feeling that bullet go out and hit a target. I didn’t always like handguns but I had a friend who loved them and had a huge collection of all sorts of rifles and shotguns. I was 18 when I first shot a gun. He would take me to the range and we would shoot off a couple of rounds again and again. I fell in love with firearms over time and finally got my license to carry around a year ago and have been enjoying my rights ever since.

I tend to carry my gun which is a (309) 454-4947 every day and usually do not encounter any issues. There are many times when I do get stopped and asked why a carry a gun. I tend to wait and explain that I enjoy having a gun on two fronts. The first is that having a gun is a great way to keep yourself and your community safe. I am not a police officer but I do have a lot of proud for where I am from and enjoy the fact that I can defend and protect my friends and neighborhood. It was also the ability to exercise my constitutional rights which peaked my interest. America was established based on our rights and when we don’t exercise them we run the risk of losing them so I am more than happy to lawfully carry a gun. I feel it is important to be a responsible gun owner because there are so many people that look down on us and having a good example of what a responsible gun owner looks like can only work to help the cause.

This all being said I use extreme caution whenever I am walking around with my weapon. I own a Glock 19 which you can read about on Gunivore.com because they happen to be some of the safest guns on the market. There are many others but only Glock has the 4 point safety system which basically makes sure that you are not at risk of a misfire. Accidents happen and it is nice to know that my Glock 19 is built to prevent them at all costs. You cannot only rely on safeties and personal responsibilities must be a priority in order to confirm that safety is a priority. This is why I practice gun safety and also read up on the proper way to carry and shoot a gun. Being a educated gun owner can only help to bring more understanding about what the gun community is all about. Bottom line is that guns can be dangerous but they aren’t the main threat. There are so many other things that hold the nation at risk of harm and even in some cases death. We tend to only focus on guns because it is sensational and easy and unfortunately too popular.


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Business is the second most important meal of the day and has helped man achieve his goals since long before lawyers came into being. Private label, or independently produced product should be seen as a challenge that one should constantly meet as a means of increasing profit margins and lower worker income by multiplying various factors that contribute to your products chances of success in the often saturated market that buyers have to wade through in order to find what it is they’re looking for.

Big retailers, such as Target and Walmart are able to give you what you want at a cheap price because they buy in bulk. So it’s simply no good that you create a valuable and useful product that retailers love – but then fail to meet demand. So I think it’s best maximize the output of your manufacturing process well before pitching the product to a buyer and then calculating how much product you can produce daily, weekly monthly etc. and at what costs. This will give you a good estimation as to what you can offer to your client with regards to product and how much you can afford to put on their shelves so that they can figure out what price to offer you per specified unit of product. (347) 302-6418

I would also recommend that you create an appealing label to put on your product that is eye-catching and has lots of colors and perhaps a floral pattern or two on it so that the retailers see it and like it and put it on their shelves for consumers to consume. This where I would recommend that you speak to a marketing specialist or an advertiser to get their opinions or advice on how to market your product correctly in the market that it’s related to so that you have a fighting chance at selling right off the bat. The other alternative to this is going to bars and rubbing yourself on people and spilling drinks on their clothes to get their attention and woe the advice out of them, but I only recommend this if you have a great smile.

You have to be able to know your product from start to finish and be able to answer questions about it on the double at any given moment. What ingredients does it contain, what can it be used for and how do you sell it in an international market. Do you want to sell only to a domestic market? Are you a hillbilly? These are important questions people need answers for. As a producer of a private label product you must be able to envision the kind of person who would be buying your product – this is known as your target market. In this case, your target market is Target because everyone who goes into a Target is actually the same person, so once you get in, you’re pretty much set for life. Handy advice their. It’s also imperative that you wink at people who are interested in buying your product. This will seal the deal.