I haven't agreed to any of this.

I have a facial boil. There's a painful lump at the back of one nostril.


Will you please tell us where Orville is?


We made use of the maps during our journey.

Miriam followed Sunil into John's office.

It just kept getting worse and worse.

We love trees.

The accomplishment of this task took many years.


He found the movie very dull.

There are many foreign tourists in Asakusa.

When and how did the message in a bottle appear?


I'm calling Lex.

Please remember me to your mother.

She didn't love him, she would never love him; he has inspired in her a secret and inexplicable dislike.

Is it cheaper to call after 9:00?

What the fuck did you write?


Sit down and be quiet.

Wilmer has already told me what you plan to do.

The countess agrees with all these conditions.

Antony is interested.

We'll contact you by phone as soon as we arrive.

Making so much money in so little time wasn't so easy.

Santa paid off his gambling debts.


God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.


That's not how I see it.


He began with a joke.

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Their job is to help old people.


There were a hundred people in the hall.

Bucky hates parents who don't control their bratty children.

His music makes me dream.


I'm not making you do anything.

We have a lot to live up to.

What will we do about it?

Sylvan is an ambitious young woman.

I think we should do something stupid.

Don't put much confidence in him.

Sam was able to enter the school's basketball team.

I'm just as sentimental as the next person. I just don't show it.

You won't be interested.

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That play had good ratings.

Alain was standing in front of the grill wearing a cook's apron.

I think you should open an account here.


She ran her fingers through his hair.


I can honestly say this is the best coffee I've ever had.

Cindy is a hunk.

Many years ago, I visited the center of Hiroshima.

I need to see you right now.

All of my friends like you.

Janet doesn't want them back.

I think I'm beginning to see the problem here.


Tatoeba needs more test sentences.

I didn't even catch one fish.

I suspect that Lenora is the one who stole the money.

At your age, I would think so, too.

Lila is a reckless driver.


Humans are healed, but machines are repaired.


You are making a big mistake.

Now I understand it all.

The throng protested against abortion.


I couldn't afford a lawyer.

The traveler stopped at the soldier's challenge.

I don't know whether this'll be of any use to you.

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I wonder who's going to be at the party.

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They built up twenty-five stories on one side and thirty-five stories on the other.

Sergiu heated up some leftovers for dinner.

If I could only speak English half as well as you can, I wouldn't be worried about traveling around the world.

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In her free time, she likes to be on the Internet.


That old guy is really nice.

I really think someone should stay here with Lex.

Hurry up! The train is about to leave.

There isn't anybody in front of the main gate yet.

I've visited the Louvre a hundred times now!

I'll tell you.

I remember my mother when I see this.

Rolfe is expecting a baby in October.

She got very angry with the children.


We should preserve the beauties of the countryside.

We get together in the hut and eat and drink.

The town had three lumber mills, four shingle mills, and a gristmill.

You guys are great.

I want to leave for Paris.

I suppose you're already packed and ready to go.

The news surprised us much.

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She has been busy since yesterday.

Liber doesn't have time to relax.

Where do you keep your medicine?


However hard you may try, you will not be able to do it.


She's my sister.


I never got to tell Sunil that I loved him.

He is thankful for your kindness.

Suzanne hasn't changed his mind yet and isn't very likely to ever change it.

I'm sorry. I don't have a lot of time.

Whenever I put my Wellington boots on, I like splashing into puddles.

Tests start next week.

You stole my idea.


Singing is his thing.

Please take good care of yourself.

Nothing is the greatest positive integer.

Let's go out unless it rains.

Murthy just left a few minutes ago.


Where is the stop for the airport buses?

In her notebook, she drew a copy of the picture that was in the book.

We'll wait for you near the gate.

Saiid wouldn't leave without telling us.

In my garden is a lemon tree.

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I don't know if she's interested in me.

He thought the whole thing a bad joke.

I need a leather briefcase.

I understand that they are a thorn in the eyes of people like you, but this is simply pathetic.

I've got something for her.

He acquired a large fortune.

Christina claims he was once abducted by aliens.

When does the show start?

I'm afraid I didn't explain it too well.

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Who made dinner?


I think we should be getting back.

It's what I would do.

I've put my mobile on silent.

Physician, heal thyself.

I like you, but not just because you're beautiful.

Who dines at this club on Christmas but lonely bachelors?

I'll do it now.

An honorable death is better than a shameful life.

After he fell on the stage, the singer got the support of the public.

We looked out the window but saw nothing.

They are organizing politically and working to ensure that they are respected and valued.

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Do you know who took the call?

What made you decide to come here now?

Right now, I want you to tell me what happened to Penny.

Pratap is only taller than Srikanth when she's wearing high heels.

What we have here is a failure to communicate!


I've got some things I want to do right now.

Have you played The Legend of Zelda?

That's a bad spot.

Did Kuldip ask you to come talk to me?

He acted like a lunatic.

I wondered what kind of person you'd become.

Did Stephe really win a lottery?

I need to go back to Boston for a funeral.

Do you think Bert's skirt is too short?

Give it to whomever you like.

Hatred is the winter of the heart.

We are always getting ready to live but never living.

This book is too dear for me.


She can't have done such a thing.

I fancied that he was angry.

Dave wasn't sure if Earl was still in Boston or not.


His plan seemed to be too difficult, but before long it proved to be feasible.

Obesity rates around the world are rising.

He has a short attention span.

Many famous people are behind the movement.

Dan mailed Linda's scandalous pictures to a local TV station.

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We should be fine.

I know how difficult it is for you to believe me.

Both William and Henry were talking at the same time.


I think it's a good start.


No invading army has ever set foot upon Japanese shores.

Is Marsha able to eat?

Those trains run every three minutes.

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Finish studying.