Vienna: Just A Short Walk

Vienna makes you think of the aristocracy, waltzing and elegance. Unfortunately I met Vienna this March, on a freezing day when winter struggled with it’s last remaining powers to survive spring.

I decided to choose my hotel in a peripheral zone, due to reduced costs for parking. Even if you’re not a walking distance of the sights, all this does not constitute a disadvantage. Vienna has an excellent transport network so you can easily move to any part of the city looking for tourist sights.

Alte Donau, the area where I chose my hotel is an old arm of the Danube that has no direct communication with it and currently is used as a water sports paradise, in summer, I mean.

A walk in downtown Vienna starts naturally with the dome the tallest building in the area and in fact one of the most impressive Gothic building in Europe. It is interesting that although the center of Vienna has preserved the imperial architecture and the air of past centuries, the dome is reflected in a modernist concrete and glass building called Haas-Haus.

From here you can walk forever on the narrow streets with elegant shops, small squares, bars, restaurants and other tourist attractions inside the ring.

The best way to visit the old part of umzugsservice wien  is to hire one of the carriages patiently awaiting customers, near dome. It is true that the rid is a bit expensive (65 Euro for 40 minutes), but how else to come in the skin of Vienna aristocrat Emperor Franz Joseph and Empress Sissi?

Than you can leave the carriage at the entrance to the Hofburg Imperial Palace if you want to visit the royal apartments, Sissi Museum or the Spanish Riding School.

From here you can choose to continue your walk towards the Parliament, a magnificent building with Greek influences (although ancient Greece was the cradle of democracy), in front of which stays a fountain dedicated to Athens the goddess of wisdom.

If you get tired you can walk back to the Old Center where you can look for one of the many restaurants and take a cup of tea or a Wiener Schnitzel (not necessarily with potato salad) and a glass of traditional beer.

In case yo can stay another day I strongly advise you to visit the Schoenbrunn Palace.

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