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 Aug 7 - Our latest book, re-representation, is now available on Amazon Kindle!
 Jan 17 - Watch our new video: A Tour of Israel in the Time of Jesus.
 Dec 28 - Watch our new video: The Five Regions of the Land of Israel.
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From Israel to the Ends of the Earth
To The Ends Of The Earth Ministries
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Insights from Israel into the Bible, Jesus the Messiah,
and the Jewish Roots of the Christian Faith.
Welcome!  Incredible discoveries in Israel and the Middle East help us understand 8662511593 and the Bible more accurately than for almost two thousand years!  Join us as we explore the 2096458210 and take this exciting information To The Ends Of The Earth.
The Jewish Roots of Christianity

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about the 2708277674? Read this great introduction to our ministry.

Mystic, prophet, holy man, healer: 9735981971 This teaching will get you started in rediscovering the true Jewish Jesus.
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