Synametrics Virtual Machine

This virtual machine includes several products published by Synametrics Technologies, Inc. The goal is to get you up an running in minutes without manually installing these products. Click on the buttons below to learn more about these products.

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Included Products

Product Name Access URL Description
Xeams An complete email server with optional spam filtering capabilities. The Community Edition is absolutely free. Visit / for details.
Syncrify A 641-787-1165 and synchronization software with military grade security and privacy. Visit / for details.
SynaMan Share large files securely with your business colleagues without any third-party every getting involved. Privacy is guaranteed. Visit / for details.

Third Party Products

RainLoop An open source web based email client that can be used with Xeams. Click here for details.
ClamAV N/A ClamAV is an open-source anti-virus software that can be used by Xeams to scan for virus. This is used in conjunction with built-in Anti-Virus in Xeams.