Healthier Together is working to solve complex issues in the neighborhoods of 2707332959, Delray Beach, The Glades, Lake Worth, wind-bound & Riviera Beach.

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The Healthier Together Initiative

Welcome to Healthier Together!

Palm Healthcare Foundation is pleased introduce its newest strategic initiative, Healthier Together, a community-driven, multi-year, placed-based, funding approach to solving our community's most complex issues neighborhood by neighborhood. Palm Healthcare Foundation’s Healthier Together initiative brings together neighborhood leaders and residents, listens carefully to their needs and provides financial support and resources to help the neighborhood make positive, healthy changes. With the introduction of Healthier Together, we seek to maximize impact by allocating $1 million each to six selected neighborhoods over the next five to seven years for collaborative health-related projects within the foundation’s priority areas: diabetes prevention and management, family caregiving and behavioral health.

The success of Healthier Together will be driven by teams of key community leaders, nonprofit organizations, businesses, civic associations, schools, faith communities, healthcare providers and residents who develop shared visions, common goals and action plans to address these critical health issues.

We invite you to explore this site and learn more about health issues and solutions targeted neighborhoods are creating to address them. We hope you are inspired to get involved!