Ursula and Chelsea are battling over the boy they both have a crush on. Judging from the blood and teeth everywhere, this seems to be more of a matter of power than love.

I promise I won't forget.

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We were stranded.


Johnny picked up the paper and read what was on it.


You're not hiding anything, are you?


As I got the train this morning, I met an old friend of mine.

Why am I stupid?

She pulled at his heartstrings.

Patty waited for Hsuan to say more, but she didn't.

I'll help you any way I can.

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We can't leave you there.

There are a lot of places to see in Hokkaido.

Be sure to follow them step by step.

They are collecting contributions for the church.

It might make things easier if Vern helped us.

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Are you watching it?

Have you ever been to Guam?

He made a sour face, and listened to what his teacher had to say.

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Only three people survived.

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Why don't you talk to her?

Stop talking about me.

The family is watching a movie together.

I told Emma what time to come.

Don't look for the way, just remove the obstacles.


I still love Bucky.

She was ill for a long time.

We shouldn't let the problem rest here.

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He has begun on a new book.

We don't think it's serious.

Do you think Tor is unsociable?

I didn't even recognize Stagger.

A party of scientists were on board with them.

I don't know what to do tomorrow.

Boyce was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2013.

Sergiu's sister just got over the flu and now he has it.

They said it was bad.

I think you need to call Hui.

She could feel her knees shaking.

Whether it's a son or a daughter, a child is someone you have to take care of until they get married. That's what I think.

They were dead.

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Kari was desperate to lose weight.

You're no younger than I am.

It was fun.

Which car is ours?

Money does not always bring happiness.

My husband was so flabbergasted he dropped his car keys.

Who said we were going to die?

I pressed my forehead against Giovanni's.

His answer is not altogether satisfactory to us.


He asked me questions similar to those asked by many others.

Just wait here until help arrives.

Are you going to attend ceremony?

I think I'll go buy something to eat.

He gave the stone a fling.


He was resting under a tree when an apple fell on his head.


She was denied any possibility of emigration.

His dad calls him Scott.

While he found math difficult, he found talking to girls even more so.

Please cut the cake with a knife.

Stan doesn't know who she should ask.

Why are you sweating?

It doesn't matter what Willie does.


The child flew for his life.

We had a bar of gold stolen.

Don't you want to tell me anything?

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She is by far the best player in the club.

Bradley cruised down Park Street in his new sports car.

I didn't even get one letter from her.

The policeman gave me a sign stop.

It's not for sale.

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Dong Energy will build the world's largest offshore wind farm off the coast of Britain.

We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools.

Andreas has been living alone for a long time.

Why is everybody making such a big deal about this?

Little Peach Tree is from Germany.

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Mountain of happiness.

You'd better stay with me.

I am fond of soccer, rugby, football, and so on.


No wonder you're frantic.


I borrowed those comics from her sister.


Sally doesn't have any friends here in Boston.

I wish you'd let Jamie finish his story.

Lee died the same way Kevin did.


Do not ignore a police officer when he or she addresses you.

The picture is hanging on the wall.

I wanted to have fun.

Don't let them tell you you're crazy.

Neville's shy.

It's useless to keep on thinking any more.

We should've heard from Gerald by now.

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Hello there, what's new?


Please give me some paper I can write on.


No man can be a patriot on an empty stomach.

They threw me to the dogs, the wretches!

Do you think you could give me a paper bag?


A dog was run over by a truck.

She went on talking to her friend even after the class began.

Henry talks funny.


Mother left me a message.

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It will take me 20 minutes to get to the station by taxi.

God told Israel not to even mention the name of pagan gods, but the church has a celebration that is named after a pagan god.

We were waiting for a sight of the Queen.

It exploded like gunpowder.

He winced as the nurse pushed the needle into his arm.

A car stopped at the entrance.

It's clear that he stole money from the safe.


I'm getting to it.

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The story goes that he was murdered.

Paul and Pratt are both very conservative.

I have a wife and kids.

Would you ladies mind if we join you?

It's a family secret.

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She lay in the hammock for hours.


There seemed to be nothing to do.

I would rather have a coffee.

They have a talented producer.


I sowed wheat in my field.

The president of that company has an ace up her sleeve.

Because he is old, he, too, has grown weak.

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Will you go with us?

You have won.

The debate is continuing.


There are a lot of earthquakes in Japan.


The beauty of nature is precious.

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Although I slept uninterrupted for 12 hours last night, I still feel pretty tired.


I'm not correcting your exercises.


People love freedom.


You're completely out of control.


We're just getting ready to do that.

I received a letter from my friend.

I've found something.


I'm going to go to the airport.


He made such a long speech that we all got bored.

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Joon is almost never wrong.


It has been a habit of mine for many years that when I am in my home, apart from mealtimes, I hardly ever leave my desk.

Glad I am to be working with you.

You and Sally used to eat a lot.

A river separates the city into east and west.

I need to walk the talk.

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Maybe that could be arranged.

I don't hit them.

That time has passed.

It was three hours ago.

They believed that.

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These clothes are too small for him.

Shadow's hypothesis is plausible.

In the introduction, the author is stating as follows.

My vocal range is from E2 to E5.

I'm not doing this with you again.

They asked us a million questions.

One day was 30 degrees.

It's not always easy to stay healthy.

We're moving next month.