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It just seems wrong.

I studied in England for six months when I was a student.

We're being detained.

Mongo actually likes me.

Nothing like that will happen again.

Breakfast is an important meal.

An old friend of mine dropped in on me for the first time in ages.

All of the money in the cupboard was stolen.

Thou shalt not recoil before thine enemy.


I lost him in the crowd.

I want to try something different.

Annie lost his foreign accent.

Jagath is influential.

Must be the holidays; there are no more traffic jams in Paris.

She is unbeaten at that video game.

Elwood is sitting in the car.

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I want permission to go home early.

This used to belong to you.

He was bound hand and foot.


In the Middle Ages Latin temporarily assured linguistic equal opportunity in the fields of religion, culture and science.

What did he say again?

I guess I should be going.

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Here's the map you are looking for.

It's not for everyone.

I don't have time to explain.

He loves me.

He let his greed get the better of him.

I hear it takes time to make friends with the English people.

We were all wondering where you went.

You may as well ask for your teacher's advice.

We'll be back later.

That's fair.

You've seen what we can do.

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Suddenly there was a sudden squeak somewhere. It was very sudden. Sudden... Try saying that word fifty times then using it in a sentence...

That took longer than I expected.

One minute has sixty seconds.


Is the tour going to stop?

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You'll have to wait and see.

Ross won't be able to sell his car for that price.

Have you ever tried to swim across this river?

I never asked your advice.

Don't worry about such a silly thing.

He asked me if I were happy.

Have you heard from Noam?

I'm sorry I couldn't help him.

The girl was called Elizabeth after her grandmother.


Add "Men" and the goods take off.


The weather became warm.

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Will you be so kind as to convey my compliments to her?

I sank into unconsciousness.

She writes me every week.

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The space station not only served as a laboratory and living space for astronauts, but also as a support base for other spacecraft which had the ability to dock with the station.

Isn't that the plan?

The Sun contains 99.8% of all of the mass in our solar system.

Please eat. You're hungry, aren't you?

"Are the results good?" "Yes, they're excellent."

Draw a circle.

I cannot speak Mandarin well.

Your French is excellent.

Would you like me to pack you a lunch?

We are apt to fall into the error of thinking that the facts are simple because simplicity is the goal of our quest.

I didn't send for him.

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We got something for him.

Norbert might not be the only one who wants to go home early.

What does she think about my car?


They can vouch for her.

I thought I'd give Sal your phone number.

Angela always sits in the back of the classroom.

Where did you boil them?

If only I could be like him.

He doesn't dare to reach for fame.

Are you going to marry him?

I had an early lunch.

I was fired.


Why don't you want to wear a dress?

I think none of these students will go on to the next grade.

Her story brought tears to my eyes.

Raman crouched down behind a tree.

This is the catch of the Day.

She looked at me with a passionate expression of entreaty.

Jean didn't have to come see me.


You cannot have your cake and eat it, too.


Milner said that you wanted to study abroad.


There is little hope that she will come on time.

All the events described in this story are imaginary.

Lord can do better.

You can never be sure.

Damn! I forgot to buy rice.


Over 30 people committed suicide.

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Don't do anything to attract attention to yourself.

The forest hummed, whistled, and gurgled.

You're pushing me.

I didn't expect more bloodshed.

The facts will be known in due time.

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Could you make sure Sid does his homework?

What would I be without my nuclear warheads?

You're always grumbling.

Charley would get angry if I did that.

It looks like a shawl for the elderly in that position!


With adequate lighting, one can easily discern Nosferatu, with his pointed incisors and extremely long-limbed fingers, known as arachnodaktyly, from common vampires.

What do you associate with summer?

She's innocent.

What exactly are you trying to do?

In medical investigation, one of the biggest problems is isolating the cause of the illness.

Trains stopped in consequence of the heavy rain.

Hold her for me.

I sent her a doll.

I have no mind to go for a walk.

The moonlight is weak.

As long as you're talking to me, it's fine, but as soon as you stop, I get hungry.

I don't know why Heather did this.

Beautiful day.

None of the students have arrived on time.

He rested his tired limbs.

You are responsible.

Karen went to Boston last year.

He lives in that stately mansion.

I'm sorry I was so rude to you.

Don't ask Eric any questions about what happened.

Dominic wasn't feeling well, so he went home.

After his colonoscopy, Srinivas learned that he had cancer. The surgeon cut out and removed the part of his sigmoid colon in which a tumour had been growing, and with staples she fashioned a new splice from the two shorter and cut-through ends. Because of his good health, he healed quickly and after only three days was discharged from the hospital.

You aren't allowed to park there.

What should I do! I mistook my father's company documents for trash and crumpled them!

I accounted for the failure.


Ram offered to help the old lady cross the street.

There is an urgent need for a new approach to dealing with this problem.

If a tiger suddenly appeared in front of me, I'd be scared to death.


I need to be with you.

I don't know why I even thought I had a chance with Donnie.

I can't take you anywhere.


Excuse me, could we have some more bread?


I miss talking with her.

Let them have it.

He is the only person that I known who is equal to the task.

Why can't you tell the police who she is?

She used to be rather shy but since she went to University she has really blossomed.


Give it back.

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I had an excellent teacher!


Cristina spoke very quietly, but loud enough to be heard.


Man reached the moon at last.

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Terrence had nothing to drink.

Teleportation became a stable means of transportation by the 24th century.

I agree with your proposal.

How long had you been waiting when we arrived?

I've got a wife and three children.

To tell a lie is wrong.

Now I can die happy.

I just need to sit down for a few minutes.

Can I have a word, please?

Everyone deserves a break.

I know what that word means.

Gunter loaned me that DVD.

Reinhard fell and hurt himself.

He was doomed to life-long poverty.

Without your consent, nothing can be done about it.

Russ and Bert can't get enough of each other.

Have you been to London before?

Close the window before you leave.

Give me an example.


Have you ever been in Okinawa?

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Don't judge me too harshly.

I don't think she's going to hear us.

Why don't we talk about you?

I'm not sure if I'll graduate this year.

I was watching the red sun sinking in the west.

Some poultry owners have lost their entire flock to foxes.

I have one of my friends who graduated from university and became a fine public servant. Once he told me that what he had learned from school had been useless. However, what little philosophy he had learned proved to be of great benefit.