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Real Estate Investment Analysis Spreadsheet Replacement Real Estate Investment Analysis Spreadsheet Replacement
Real Estate Investment Analysis Spreadsheet Replacement

Real Estate Investing Deserves More

Supercharge growth with our real estate investment platform.

Real estate investments deserve more than just a spreadsheet. MogulMind provides insight into real estate investments to help increase ROI and make better investment decisions.

MogulScore™ 5.0
MogulMind Rent Analysis

Total return will be $162.7K
That's an ROI of 60%

This property is a good investment.

As easy as pie...

Flip Properties

No one can manage a flip project’s finances in their head.

MogulMind makes it easy to establish, visualize, and share the costs and returns for flip projects.

  • ROI
  • Current Value
  • Purchase Analysis
  • Renovations Analysis
  • Sale Analysis
  • ROI Advice

Rental Properties

Struggling to determine the cash flow for rentals?

With MogulMind, it's as easy to understand as the nutritional facts on a box of cookies.

  • IRR
  • Appreciation
  • ROI
  • Cash-on-Cash
  • CAP Rate
  • OER
  • Current Value
  • Cash Flow Advice
  • Sale Profit
  • Projections
Learn how we analyze rental properties

Catering to Investors and Agents

MogulMind provides two editions, each with specific features to help our users maximize their wealth.

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