One more drink, please.

That's generous of you.

Are you in favor of that policy or are you opposed to it?

You want to go out for a drink?

It's only when I can't sleep at night that the ticking of the clock becomes loud enough to bother me.

I think Alain is going to propose to you tonight.


Tollefsen read this novel in five languages.

Can we live here?

Alfred doesn't have a sister.

He is either in London or in Paris.

It's impossible to learn English in a month.

French is a hard language, isn't it?

It was supposed to be quiet here.


Green does not go well with purple.


Suzan hasn't given Ray a birthday present since they were both thirteen.

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Is tomorrow Saturday?

He recovered his stolen wallet.

Mysore has grown up and can stand on his own feet now.


Man is bound to die.

Have you actually learned anything?

Indemnity insurance policies protect the insured person, or the insured person's own property.

Albert used crutches to get around.

Right now, I've got bigger fish to fry.

Jeannie put his stepladder in the back of his pickup truck.

Don't leave your glasses on the table.

We haven't really talked about this.

He is clever but tricky.

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He meditated on his past life of suffering.

Tracey looks as happy as any person could ever be.

This hill commands a very fine view.


The semester exams are finally over.

Why is that funny?

She likes it when I do that.

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Don't tell me you care.

We are looking forward to hearing about your trip.

To be surprised, to wonder, is to begin to understand.

Samuel isn't as fat as he used to be.

He is the man I saw yesterday.


Avery's work is sloppy.


That'll take time.


Put your arm down.


If you don't want to go to that party, you don't have to.


Taft did not like it at all.


He applied for admission to the club.

I dislike the tie you have on.

Debi persuaded Doug to go back to Boston with him.


The stock market crash forced many retirees back into the job market.

I love carrots.

I remember that I closed the door.

You're like them.

Wilson really likes Gil, doesn't he?

Sorrel started the car and drove off.

I'm responsible for what's happened.


It's not a loan.


They treated us like family.


We'll get you back home immediately.

I'd like to get to know them.

I was helped by my father to paint the kennel.

Obviously I can translate that, since I strongly believe that everything is translatable, even what is untranslatable; and what the brain cannot translate - maybe the heart can.

I don't think I've done anything wrong.

I made a promise to her.

I'd very much like to talk with you.


Let us be united in the cause of justice.


Dan is a citizen of this country and he will stay here forever.

Hunter picked some flowers from his garden for Claudio.

Miek knew that he'd be busy on Monday.


Come on, let me buy you a cup of coffee or something.

I was out of breath from walking up and down hills.

Can you please show me the photo?

I should be with them.

There is a scandal about him.


It was a partial success.

How many homers has Shel hit?

Moorish influence is evident in the music and architecture of this land.

It's partly your fault.

She ate nothing but lean meat.

I'm sure he'll be along soon.

Is that what you came to ask me?


His sands are running out.


You should be getting ready.

My best friend is a book.

Marla has had his leg in a cast for a few weeks now.

I remember him saying something about that.

Can you put up with the noise?

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The government's decision had far-reaching implications.

The dog licked the plate with its tongue.

Can you go to the office by train?

I need some answers from them.

Our cat is in the kitchen.

Janos didn't convince me.

We'll go talk to them.

Thuan stretched out on her beach towel and fell asleep.

I am disappointed.


Only you and me.

Where do you go to school?

I'm an anthropology research student, and my topic is 'Chinese medicine in the Britain'.

I spent three months in hospital when I was thirteen.

Why is there so much violence in the world?


You've got that all wrong.


It's a really complicated job.


Marvin looks like he's had an inspiration.


Edmond was guilty.

Genius is one per cent inspiration and ninety-nine per cent perspiration.

I went to the bank.

I tried to make friends with the classmates.

Can I have my book back?

An atom is made out of protons, neutrons and electrons.

The clerk refused to give me a refund at which point I demanded to see the manager.


Takeshi is making great progress with math.

That guy is totally nuts!

She is going to take the bus.

That straw catches fire easily.

The two boys became intimate friends at the camp.


I don't know why I cried so much.

You must read this book also.

Don't bother about my lunch. I'll eat out.

The question is how will we deal with this difficult situation.

They will contribute greatly to the growth of the town.

Shuvra is very hard to please.

Berlin is the largest city in Germany.

We were kind of busy at the time.

I don't think Lorenzo would ever do something like that.


Mr. Jones is tasting the soup his wife made.

Son came out of the house with his hands up.

The guards are aiming their weapons at Jamie.

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As far as I know, he is kind.


Is this community safe?


Once upon a time, there was a bad man.

Rain or shine, I will come to meet you at the station.

Don't ignore the signs you asked God to show you.

Tracey had to cover for Cliff.

Are you going to wear a costume to the party?

Peter works alone.

I can figure out what he is trying to say.


His latest musical pieces are just variants of his earlier work.

The thermometer reads 10C.

We learn to read and write.

I like the smell of tea. The taste, not so much.

The doctor started to examine her.

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Calvin picked up his toolbox and went home.

I know, too, that Islam has always been a part of the story of the United States. The first nation to recognize my country was Morocco.

A certain door-to-door salesman made a fool of a trusting old lady and went off with a lot of her money.

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Let me get you something to drink.

The family assimilated quickly into their new environment.

Holly had trouble thinking straight.

You're a good kid, Ravi.

The children told me they loved strawberry ice cream.

I help mother do the household chores every day.

Could you teach me French?

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Clay doesn't often come here.

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I am going to Denmark on the 20th of May.


There was a lot of excitement in the stands as the fans cheered for their teams.

I heard Victor snoring in the next room.

I know Bosnian.

Think, - and you will be able to calm down.

Have you been watching?


There is always hope for boys with hearts such as yours, though they may often be very mischievous. This is the reason why I have come so far to look for you.