That's not what I meant. I'm not being sexist. Men and women are just different.

Are those guys your brothers?

They splashed each other playfully.

I've already thought about that.

Can we say "NO!" to the USA?

Dan came back after spending two months in Scotland.

Can we fix it?

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Hiroyuki seems tired tonight.

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Are you saying you don't want to be a teacher anymore?

I want your blood.

Kathryn cared for Jeanette's daughter while he was in jail.

Things keep getting worse.

Her words sound strange.

I am sure that she will never forgive me.

I'm here not to look for happiness but to find it.

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I didn't realize you wanted to go with us.

From the moment I first laid eyes on him, I knew he was different.

Could we please talk about this some other time?

I probably won't read Walter's report.

Hazel found something.

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It goes without saying that health is most important.

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You look very pretty.


I wanted to see you again.

Barrett doesn't have many friends here.

Nothing's going to happen to me.

That made us angry.

I name this ship the Queen Elizabeth.


Lila started the car.

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You can see me in the morning.

You should've been at our party last night.

It was a silly question.

Shadow used to send me birthday gifts.

I shook hands with Betty and left.

That joke wasn't funny.

We're filling in for them.


Did you get the eggs?

It's better not to say anything about her to him.

Mason never gives up.

The surviving refugees longed for freedom.

He leaned over to kiss me.


You didn't happen to see Herve in town today, did you?

Is it far to town?

I always place a high value on knowledge.

Are you going out today?

You're about three days late.

It's a boy.

You have betrayed us. I can see it in your eyes.


It's as beautiful as you said it would be.

I addressed a petition to the mayor.

I am very lucky to have friends who care about me.

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I am interested in mountain climbing.

Eat your soup, John!

It's fun to learn Esperanto.

She brought a cup of tea to me.

We stormed the enemy positions.

He gave me no less than 10000 yen.

I can understand it.

Your parents can't keep us apart forever.

I'll get Marie a present.

I think you should leave now.

A good appetite, sound sleep, and regular motions are the three signs of good health.

This right must be protected at all costs.

Nobody cares when Jussi says he's leaving.

I am a Japanese writer.

Some people stay trim even without going to a gym.

Taking everything into consideration, the result is better than I expected.

Whatever you're doing, starting off on the right foot is essential.

Raymond fell for Tran's charms.

I want to travel all over the world.


There's been a change in plan.


Jan wouldn't comment.

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I know how to handle kids like Saumya.

Nichael had no sooner walked in the door than Craig started to complain.

I think Part is going to win.

I can't believe no one died.

Xiaoding asked Teacher Lin while holding a picture: "Is this picture of you taken in the Beijing University Library?"

It is not a matter to laugh about.

She wants but doesn't need it.


The injured bird fell to the ground.


Tons of waste are produced every day in the country.


I almost forgot to tell you how to do it.

Why do I have to do this?

A blind man shouldn't play cards.

That accident is a very good example of what happens when you're not careful.

This is my dog.

Ami dried his hands with a small towel.

Eliot was asked by Ramneek to leave the room.


His stupidity is abysmal.

An abundance of rice was produced last year.

She arrived on time. I arrived in time.

I'm convinced that my daughter will pass the exam.

The cops are gone.

There are many interesting things all around the house.

What's Sridharan's maiden name?


Your help will save us a lot of work.

The war was officially over.

I told him I was just joking.

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He's jumping out of the frying pan into the fire.

During his seven years in Japan, he studied Japanese in earnest.

I love teaching.

This is a superb idea.

People should love each other.

The first person to repeat that to my wife, I will strangle. Understood?

English is spoken in America.

I use a big pot to cook soup.

I am working at home today.

The declaratory sentence which, they say, was passed upon Adam, in case he ate of the apple, was not, that thou shalt surely be crucified, but, thou shalt surely die.

I come from a humble background.


Has the baby woken up?


They are organizing politically and working to ensure that they are respected and valued.

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I'd like to wake them up myself.

Wilson will be here tomorrow.

Sri has very little experience.

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What's it like in jail?

Everyone knows what they have to do, right?

I'm quite out of patience with you.


I'm three hours away.

Kieran finished in last place.

I was here when Bonnie got here.

Gabriel's dehydrated.

I've made up my mind to ask Mike to marry me.

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Several stocks in the portfolio lost value over the course of the year.

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I can protect him.

Polish is my native language.

I love three-day weekends.

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Unfortunately, the whole thing fell apart.

The sun is blinding.

Being a prince is not that easy.

Alan told Anna the bad news.

The bride looked very beautiful.

Curt claimed that he had witnessed a murder.

You look like an actress.

I don't even know what I'm going to wear.

I call Carter a lot.

The birds were singing in the trees.

Billie turned on the faucet.

Susanne doesn't want us.

My otherwise perfect life is about to change for the worse.

Get Bertrand away from here.

I thought so at first.


I'll call him for you.

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She seemed bored.

We can help them now.

We are not speaking.

Hey, look over there.

This does not apply to students.


Out with you upon the wild waves, children of the king! Henceforth your cries shall be with the flocks of birds.


Elena was the first child born to a mother and a father who had both traveled in space.

Please call the FBI immediately.

I think Eileen is going to propose to you tonight.

I wrote it all down.

I wonder if you could help us.

I wonder if this is really true.

I gave my half to her.

Wilmer was foolish.

Come on, Leo. That's basic math.

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That doesn't look very appetizing.

They are very compatible.

There are many wild animals in this forest.


I barely made the 9:20 train.

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Come on, Shougo. You can do it.


Everything is possible.