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They spoke with her for an hour at school.

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Classification is not my specialty.

How much will you charge me for the suit?

I've got a friend at the IRS.

I'm going outside to play. Are you coming with?

He withdrew in my favour.

He's a teetotaller.

If so, then what do we do?


It's Timothy. What is she doing out here?

He can't distinguish between left and right.

I cried myself to sleep almost every night.

Louise is growing up too fast.

I'll dance with them.

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We'd like to order 18 tonnes of olive oil.

Looks like the weather's gotten worse, eh?

I'm not ready for that.

I'm glad I don't have anywhere to go.

You used to be such a nice guy.


He is naturally clever.

You haven't paid your rent in a month, have you?

I hope you get better soon.

Every hunter wants to know where the pheasant is.

Butler went out with his friends.

Patrice said we needed to leave at once.

I made a quick visit to the home depot.

Get a hold of yourself.

The children understand everything.


It's essential that we find them.

He loves dogs above all.

That's beautiful. I love it.

He made Tiefenthal lose hope.

When would you like to have your coffee?

There's nothing I like as much as the smell of roses.

Rolf couldn't understand Matt's joke.

There were not many women doctors in those days.

I thought it would be a good concert, but it wasn't.

Is he a good person?

I hear that you would be a good tennis player.

Do you mind much?

"You going to Martin's party?" "I don't know yet."


The Soviet Union took a hostile attitude toward us.

It's private.

I don't see any fun in it.

That new company could flatten the competition.

People always seem to enjoy talking about other people's problems.


Philip is prettier than you.


It's OK, Dan. Just go home.

The old place has not obtained the result at all.

Tammy gets overemotional, doesn't he?

I have to catch that train.

It's not really my cup of tea.

Torsten must be home by now.

Russell is still angry at Alison.

Please don't tell anyone I was here.

Can you swim across?

Does Sumitro enjoy watching horror movies?

He walked to and fro in front of her house.

I'm used to sleeping in a tent.

What will the newspapers say?


I can't see who Piotr is talking to.

Why don't I just talk to him?

This is not my key.


We will be at home today.

We shouldn't have bought this car.

Stay here with Nick.


The difference in their ages is six years.

I don't think that this is a good time to do this.

He's a bread connoisseur.

I don't have any time to waste.

Charley learned a lot from Teresa.

It might be worth a try.

She found what she was looking for.

I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.

I have to talk with her about the new plan.

My sister jogs every day.

I looked down and had absolutely nothing to say.

If Brenda doesn't eat this, please give it to Stephanie.

The daughter of envy is defamation.


Don't intrude on her sorrow.

Leo thinks that Celia won't say yes.

We are faced with a very sad situation.

See you at the office.

People do stupid things when they're tired.


Which airport do I leave from?

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And what love can do, that dares love attempt.

Many experiments have been carried out in this field.

"What is your relationship to him?" "I'm his father."

I'm not going to argue with you.

Nobody envied the old man, who was a millionaire.

Helen blushed at their praise.

Our school library has many books.


The meeting lasted two hours.

Mr. White is doing very well so far.

Speak for yourselves.

Protestors are rioting across the country in opposition to the war.

What else do you want from me?

It looks like we're going to be staying here tonight.

Scot never gets anything for Christmas.

Are you afraid of bugs?

The Koran does not permit Mohammedans to drink. Their natural instincts do not permit them to be moral.

This scandal will soon be well known.

What's the minimum salary in Switzerland?


You'd make a cute couple.

I would think that Rich would appreciate your help.

He is always losing his umbrella.

Clarence said some people got hurt.

The baby often annoys the mother.


A schwa represents a neutral vowel.

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I don't know what Kirk knows.

And the tea isn't good either.

Bjorne looked perplexed.


Rathnakumar told me that he wants to meet my parents.


The police are checking their bags.

The movement is rapidly gaining ground.

What's the room's price?

Tell me why he was absent.

They walked home together after school.

I'll find someone else to help us.

Vassos wants to speak to you.

I regard his advice as valuable.

I haven't done that since I was twelve.

The boy filled his bag with clothes.

Dad often works late, and Mom complains a lot.

I can't look at this photo without feeling very sad.

Floria felt great.


Can I get a connecting flight to Osaka?

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As the door slid open, he almost fell onto the platform.

I didn't expect anything.

This tool is good for nothing.

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What happens inside the operating room?

I will have no more of this.

I've come to accept that my parents were Santa. Though I still don't understand how they made it to all the houses in one night.


The sandwiches are made right in front of you.


It was dreadful weather.


You should go see a doctor for that.


We must suspect that last night a criminal broke into the house.

She drove a student to school.

Orville's first flight didn't last very long.

I'm sure it wasn't me who did that.

My grandmother on my mother's side lives in Osaka.

I would say that I'm healthy at the moment, but I don't want to jinx myself.

I'm so sick of this song.

I met Mattias in Spain.

How did you and Dad meet?

This Wednesday I'll see Carla.

I don't want to leave him.

Tigger left his wallet on the table.

I think you're swell.

Some people have told me that I look Japanese.

It was a great evening.

Professor Brown explains things very well.

Let me have a minute with you.

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My aim is to be a doctor.


We can try.

Please give me your picture so I don't forget how you look.

Mah is feeling a little better today.


Pitawas is going to be with Ronald.

Is it any of your business what someone's hobby is?

Many of our customers are from Canada.

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Irfan isn't convinced.

She won't get away.

She is looking forward to going to the movies with him.

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What do you care?


Jwahar seems shocked.

Gregor was a junkman.

Cynthia said he didn't have enough money to buy a motorcycle.