I'm not to be disturbed.

You are supposed to come at 7 o'clock.


Buy land. They ain't making any more of the stuff.

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Tari Ito was found guilty.


Hold them down.

Marnix and Vilhelm send their apologies.

It's warm.

She has occult powers!

Sometimes what we don't do is every bit as powerful as what we do.

Earnie didn't notice it.

He went to bed.

Ninja likes farming.

Srikanth was tall and handsome.

Ramon has been expecting this.

Professor Ito went to the United States for the purpose of studying linguistics.

Just round the corner.

I think I'll help Sue out.

He had to part from her owing to unavoidable circumstances many years ago.

I had a hard time trying to talk him out of taking the trip.

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I trust Luke as much as anyone.


Christie wanted save up enough money to buy a car.

Would you care for more coffee?

How did you make out on your French finals?

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He employed dishonest means in his business.


I wonder what's inside the box.


Theo believes Panos made the right choice.


You're a very perceptive person.

The Acropolis' staircase had 60 steps.

Did you guys talk about me while I was gone?

Stop pouting!

Terry left yesterday right after you did.


Given a high level of bond issues, the cost to service them will increase.

I love Korean food.

The effort paid off.


The assassin smothered his victim with a pillow.

I'll tell them you helped out.

Are you a college student?

Answer the question, Lenny.

I can get us there more quickly.

Who's the first to die?

You have all the information you need.


Trial and error is essential to progress.

We have to find a way out of here.

I felt the earthquake.

Many men set out for the West in search of gold.

For the time being, I intend to stay at a hotel.


I have a big problem.


He felt it was his duty to go.

Morton played a waltz on the piano using only his thumbs and Miki was very impressed.

She was bullied as a kid.


The chemical symbol "H" stands for hydrogen.

Don't bother getting up.

We didn't give up.

You're not going in there.

You should dream big.

I have created thousands of phrases already.

What are their names?

Dimitry doesn't know the whole story.

I'm glad you're enjoying this.

One of the aircraft's engines cut out.

Let me know if you hear anything.


She waited for hours and hours.

I was greatly disappointed at hearing the news.

She will come to this place soon.


Robin has to act now.

I'm sorry I frightened you.

This sort of thing doesn't happen where I come from.

We just stared at them.

Let's see you do that.

He plays baseball every day.

Things could be much worse.

I feel ready to go.

You've got to try harder.

Rudolf isn't as energetic as he used to be.

Songwriting is a hobby of mine.

The man looked at me.

Ellen didn't tell me where he lived.


Does the school have a library?

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Admitting what you say, I still think I am right.

We have more music coming up, so stay tuned.

I don't like a fat diet.

Dimitry was injured in a car accident.

I forgot to put sugar in your tea.

There's something under the table.

The inscription carved into the rock is from the sixth century before the Common Era.

Walter needs to leave early today.

Excuse me but, would you kindly lift that box for me?


Why didn't you tell us about Roger?

I really didn't care, you know?

The situation of the villagers is better than ten years ago in many ways.

She was absorbed in reading comic books.

This makes me smile to death!

Sir is a very nice man.

We have to get rid of him.

How much is that computer?

How many guests did you invite?

He is my husband.

I just wish Julie didn't have to be alone.

Dana felt himself growing impatient.

When does the next bus leave?


We finally arrived at the ski hill... the snow had turned into rain.


He was the only witness of the accident.

All their great-grandparents were dead before Mac and Todd were born.

We're not going to be able to do this.

The Celebes and Sulu Seas separate the Indonesian Archipelago and the Philippines.

That won't have an effect.

I'll come tomorrow night.

She froze at the sight of the big spider.

We would be closer to the truth.

Where's your house?

Yes, it can be done very easily.

They did not give up hope.


Do you have attacks of dizziness?

He's letting his fame go to his head.

I can't quite understand.

You hate this kind of stuff, don't you?

Although she wants to buy a vehicle, there is no margin to buy.

I would have liked that Ken succeeded.

I have a best friend.

A look of surprise crossed Maria's face.

That's mine, too.

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We cannot appreciate Vesalius's achievement without first referring to the scriptures of Galenus.


I have enough money to buy this.

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The student speaks English a little.


There is nothing more out-of-date than youthful entitlement.


It was so hilarious that I snorted with laughter.


Clarissa's backyard is full of junk he's picked up at garage sales.

I didn't really know what I was doing.

You need to stay away from Phiroze.


My mother worked hard in order to raise us.

Shall I get some water for you?

Butter is made from cream.

Don't get personal.

She's very important to me.


His story was pretty simple.

There's someone I'd like you to meet.

This day has been exceptionally tiring.


The spring in my watch is broken.

When a cloud passed in front of the sun, I felt chilly in my wet clothes.

That was exactly what she intended.

This is the first time I've ever tidied my room.

We haven't been able to do that.


It sounds like him.

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This shoe is a size bigger.

I saw them three weeks ago.

Apparently, people will never know the answer to this question, no matter how much they may try to.

Alejandro won't tell me who he's dating.

I cannot cheep like a sparrow. I'm a pigeon.

Computer performance maybe very poor.

We telegraphed him the news.

We explained the situation.

The police are looking for them.

I love cooking.

I was sorry to hear about her.

He let the visitor into the living room.

What's your favorite form of exercise?


Scream all you want. No one will hear you.

Daniel was only slightly injured.

Is Vaughn serious about this?


As she was leaving me, she said that she would never forget me.


Is there any chance you could be ready in an hour?

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You're being unreasonable.