How many times did Spudboy call?

I don't like modern films.

I can't imagine a native speaker ever saying it that way.

I can't understand what you're saying.

Peter finished his homework before dinner.

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We wanted to do so.

Now why would I do that?

Nobody knows why.

I can try calling again tomorrow morning.

How's married life?

Are there movies in an airplane?

As he gets older, he's getting more and more stubborn.

No, I'm not a teacher. I'm only a student.

Who did the survey?

Two thousand pupils attend school.

That says it all.


I want to get the word out - even if you don't have a lot of clothes you can enjoy dressing more fashionably by mixing and matching.

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You're uninsured.

You'll come back early, won't you?

You're so stupid.

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Your blood pressure's low.


Brett is diplomatic.

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We are people.

He got the car for nothing.

I was wondering if I could sleep over at Rodent's tonight.


The native people were forced off their land.

You'd better keep that a secret.

I know Those is sleepy.


That made him angry.

I have to learn how to shoot.

Ken folded the blanket in half.


He opened the cages.


I have no idea what I am doing.

Lake Geneva is the largest lake in Switzerland.

Yesterday was Saturday.

We're very hopeful.

Both their brothers are teachers.


The user you to want to send this message to does not exist. Please try with another username.

Why didn't you just call?

Have I done something to make Elsa mad at me?

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I didn't tell you to do that.

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Three cubed is twenty-seven.

The kidnappers tied my hands behind my back.

Don't help Nora.


Anna's pen is black.

Can you justify your claim?

Figures of speech are tools well employed by writers in any literary genre.


What makes you think Linley doesn't like you?


In many places blind persons sell lottery tickets.


Pieter suffered from a collapsed lung.

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We don't have time to clean the whole house.


This tastes good.

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Two children played by the house.

Two pages are missing from this book.

Norman and Randolph went hunting for Easter eggs.


I got together with her mainly because we seemed to share the same feelings about things.

We have no comment.

Nosy tabloids drove a washed-up star to the brink of suicide.

You're no singer.

She is very charming.

He missed his chance.

Pradeep appears to be on edge.

When did you first meet Patricia?

Sharon loved the color of Mah's new dress.


They have their reasons.

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Dan comes from a very traditional family.

Lois got a head start.

What an ugly outfit!

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How do we find him?

If you're not sweating when you do cardio, then you're not doing it hard enough.

Death comes to all men.

Louie, your friends are coming. Clean up.

You should sue her.

I said I would help.

You're coming to Montreal this weekend?

She's nothing but trouble.

You should've told me you needed money.

I'm sorry for this.

It's very hard to see yourself as others see you.

They have got to abide by the rules.

I told Gideon what the plan was.

He was conscious of his mistake.

You can ski and go to the beach in the same day.

They live in peace.

This isn't going to work, you know.

It took me several hours to repair it.

This book is smaller than that one.


Rituals were performed in churches.

In German, nouns are always capitalised.

Kolkka might be willing to help.

Please exit on the right side of the train.

I don't think Jianyun likes it.

I need to work for a year in order to have enough money to travel.

You're a good teacher.


I spent the weekend writhing in agony when my gallstone started to move.

We believe in democracy.

Sundaresan is just a platonic friend.


I was afraid I'd be late.

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Don't let it stop you.


Krzysztof can't come to the phone.


You may want to tell Jong that.


Let her leave.

The train leaves in 5 minutes.

He has some mannerisms.

We were at school together.

Shut the door!

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Nature is scary.

A man can know the price of everything and the value of nothing.

A soldier came marching along the high road. He had his knapsack on his back and a sword by his side, for he had been to the wars and was now returning home.


I know something's going on.


I haven't received any email from Ramon in a long time.


She looks as young as ever.

Shall I make you some coffee?

Jock has a dancer's body.


Cory just got a tattoo.

Mohammad never cheats.

He escaped from prison.

The boy tried eating with chopsticks.

Where are we supposed to sit?

Your cat entered into my car and peed there.

Yes, I'm coming immediately.

The grapes ripened well that summer.

Cyrus needs a challenge.


I live in Dublin right now.

He didn't have nightmares.

We need to call the police.

The tension on the day of the match made me greet the morning without even sleeping a wink.

All we can do is pray.

They required us to pass an examination.

We flew the Atlantic in a few hours.


But do you receive the messages?

The bus leaves in about two minutes.

The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.


He suddenly became very happy.

Damone did absolutely nothing.

Joe earned a merit badge.

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No Canadians were injured.

She invited me to her birthday party.

Who will go there is not yet decided.


Philip found Nathanael and told him.


He whom the gods love dies young.

It's foggy today.

I've taken the first step.

Don't I get a goodbye kiss?

This is the decisive duel.

So what did you do?

Water is as precious as air.


Young people are prone to fall into temptation.

They have nothing in common with us.

Why are you being such a bully?


I told Blaine you didn't have a wife.

My eyes hurt.

Hurry up, or you will miss the last train.


She calls me all the time.