He was so intent on money-making that he had no time to think of anything else.

I didn't sleep well yesterday.

Soy milk is a great substitute for milk.

We've been friends for thirty years.

Would you like anything?

The teacher gave a presentation on the history of France.

I don't like the taste of tomatoes.

Kevan wanted to be a doctor.

Matt needs to be with Albert.

I was out of breath and sat down.


I'm sorry, but he isn't home.


Gregor's answer surprised me.


Keep at it!

Would you mind giving me a little help with some problems I'm having?

On this day in 1887 appeared in Warsaw a booklet of Ludwik Lejzer Zamenhof about the "International Language". Its size was modest, its motto ambitious: "For a language to be an international one, is not enough to call it as such." The name of the author was given as "Dr. Esperanto".

You're the most beautiful girl in the world.

Our team lost all of its games.

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What's Johnathan up to today?

It's three years since I had a real vacation.

Philippe failed to do what he said he'd do.

He is five years younger than me.

Pia was sitting on a stool by the stove.

Quickly he got down the stairs.

I don't need looking after.

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Teriann would get angry if I did that.

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I suppose I could help.

He stuck with his own theory.

Diane closed the store.

This is my wedding day.

He is trying to study as hard as he can.


Psychokinesis or telekinesis is the ability to affect objects without physically interacting with them.

They didn't get anything done.

Hold that thought.

She has a bit of a bad temper.

Her behavior isn't normal for a young girl.

I cannot make anything of what he says.

We're going out again.

We've seen that happen before.

Do you want to leave?


This dictionary contains not more than 20,000 words.

Don't fret about it.

Case stayed at home all afternoon.

Set the lamp on the table.

Can you advise me?

I often don't have time to eat breakfast.

Carol has been grounded.

The rain fell soundlessly upon the jungle.

What does that cost?


I could actually go to jail for doing this.

Twitter suspended his account.

During the Depression in the 1930's, many wealthy people lost everything in the stock market crash.


I was leaving for Paris the next morning.


Do you love my eyes more than you love me?

The teacher didn't keep her word.

I want to know who helped you do your homework.


The police were able to find the criminal.

Damone doesn't like baseball very much.

Michiel never killed anybody.

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The enemy attack ended at dawn.

I think that he's a good teacher.

I'd advise you to let him go.

Saiid never seems to get upset no matter what Raif does.

I wrote a lot in my diary yesterday.

Nicolo said he was nervous.

My father worked hard night and day.

Gideon is running out of time.

It could take some time to explain what happened.

Hey, John, look at this.

Does Kent swim often?

It's time for this to end.

Ji doesn't have a driver's license yet.

I've been trying to lose a little weight.

I have the right to do this.

Luc needs to go back to Boston.

He loves reading.


They asked for my opinion.

I was supposed to meet Jitendra here yesterday.

I became frightened.


We were more or less disappointed about the election.

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I thought Teri and Vassos were busy.


He couldn't find the house.

When are you going to approach him about your pay rise?

We will have an English test next Monday.

I don't want the horse.

If you had helped me, I would have succeeded.

I know who gave that to you.

The cat seems to want some water.

Where do I get an airport bus?

He can make himself understood in four languages.

In the last few years it happened frequently.

I told you not to call me Donna, didn't I?

Sit over there.

Cool down and think it over again.

I can see we have a lot of work to do.

I found her very amusing.


Don grew up in a conservative family.


Thanks for joining us.

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Are you her pimp?

Don't offend me.

Did you dye your hair?

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The police officers aimed their guns at Bjorne.

I want to accomplish something in life.

Caroline is quick-witted, isn't he?

Hanako impressed the guests no less by her exotic beauty and elegance than by her erudition and refined conversation.

I met a new friend called Dan Anderson.

Teresa pays about 25% of his income in taxes.

Human stupidity knows no limits.

Maybe we should help her.

We love going on picnics.


I think I am finally going to retire.

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He really likes it.


Go after him!


The employer made a new offer to the workers.

Write with pen and ink.

"Prospects for repair?" "Prof. Shubaishen, the leader of the system development team, is presently unwell so we think it will take a while longer ..."


You don't need to make a decision now.

Having travelled back to Warsaw, Zamenhof collected a very cheerful impression of England.

Foods rich in vitamin E include dark-green, leafy vegetables, beans, nuts and whole-grain cereals.

This apple is not red.

We have supper at six every evening.


You cannot be too careful in choosing friends.


If you're happy, I'm happy.

Winston won't let anyone help Shari.

I made a promise to her.


I'm sure glad no one died.

I asked him with good intentions, but he did not answer.

I'm cultured.


I really like this one.


Thad is the best man in his field.

Advertising local products might require the use of local words.

The new model is featured by higher power and speed.

Caleb will wait.

We usually connect Americans with freedom.

Can you show me those pictures?

For her, the honeymoon is over.

Soon nobody will have anything to do with you.

I must give it to him.

Is there an existing meaning if the person in charge does not take the responsibility to begin with?

You must be crazy to ride a bicycle that has no brakes!

Roland was annoyed by June's silence.

Elijah is no more suspicious than anybody else.


Byron opened up the bag with a pair of scissors.

There was a food fight in the cafeteria.

I'll take it as a spare.


He asked for my advice.

This cloth is made of cotton.

Just please do it.

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All these things are true.

Idiot, I've forgotten that two-timing bitch.

We couldn't hear what Terrence was saying.

It was truly a miracle.

Kris behaved very badly.


He was appointed Minister of Finance.


I see someone.

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Learning a second language requires a lot of practice.

He was shorter than me.

I don't feel well. Please give me some medicine.

She would cite from the Bible.

You're not rich.

Fill the jars with water.

Joubert and Trying have been married three years.

Do you have something in mind?

The gods of a falling religion become the demons of a rising one.