If you got lost in a crowd, I'd search for you.

Juha, too, was almost killed.


It's about to explode!

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Sabrina is eating breakfast right now.

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Dean looked around, but saw no one.

She advised him not to buy a used car.

Sandy and Clay used to be close friends.

They're engaged.

How did you get to know Winnie?

Yesterday I saw a sign in a sushi restaurant saying 'We are a Taiwanese company'.

It seems that he likes collecting stamps.

Great successes are due to constant efforts.

He invested his capital in the steel trade.


What beautiful weather!


When I saw her recently, she looked very happy.

You get drunk on just one centimeter? And Kensuke was such a heavy drinker.

Everybody but Kerry laughs.


Does Billy really need help?

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It's sort of cool.


I can't fit in with them.

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I assume that no one knows the answer.

What am I going to tell Hitoshi?

The racecourse was set in a valley, about a mile from the town centre.

Joachim has confidence.

Can you fix this door? It's creaking.

In his opinion Brasilia was a failure in many ways.

We'll catch them.


You can go wherever you want to go.

This incident has made a great impact on the progress of the project.

Due to the water shortage, all the flowers in the garden have died.

I don't have any close friends.

We need to start winning some games.

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I can understand most of what Rusty says in French.


Do you like pineapple drinks?


Mitchell sat at his desk all morning.


What did you buy this car for?

All of the instruments Tycho Brahe used to observe the sky were made in his own workshop. He also printed all of his books on his own presses.

I've known John since 1976.

I'm tired of just sitting here and doing nothing.

I can still work.

Could you please tell Paul not to park here anymore?

Do you want to say goodbye?


I know what they are.

I've let Antony down.

Let's get ready for lunch.


The apple does not fall far from the tree.


You won't be needing that.

We were all watching him.

Quit following Marsh.

You probably miss Les a lot, don't you?

I don't really feel sick.


Is this pure gold?

Select the graft point after imagining how the branches will extend and fruit grow.

Their job is to open the workshop.


Let me take those.


Leora wants to quit.

Mr Smith always begins his lectures with a joke.

Jordan always stays in bed until noon on Sundays.

I will stay with you provided that you stay here.

One can't earn too much money.

You wouldn't recognize the place anymore.

Let me show you the way to the elevator.

European green crabs are invading North America.

I'm still waiting for an answer.

He impatiently asked for repayment.

Tomas doesn't have any confidence in himself.


Kuldip tried to leave.

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My sister is playing with dolls.

The person I am thinking of is Damon.

Arlene came home fairly late last night.


I'll be back this afternoon.

I will not do that for the life of me.

I have a tortoiseshell cat. She is so affectionate!

Nadeem left Rob alone.

We shall try to answer the following questions.

He just wants to impress us with his macho attitude and show us what a great guy he is.

It was interesting.

I have to get on that train.

Little Tuk was left at home to take care of his little sister, Gustava, who was much younger than himself.

This is helpful.

Are you sure his name is Po?

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I don't know why I did that.

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Why don't you talk to Manolis?


She got really mad.


The bus will have started before we get there.

She studies as hard as any student in her class.

Let me help you up.


Tell them to let the dog in.

Phillip was burned while she stirred the rice.

What did the two of you talk about?


He has not yet recovered consciousness.


I asked them to help.

A table has four legs.

Alexis and I aren't talking right now.

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Jochen came three minutes after I called him.


I have four children.

You can see how much difference a few degrees can make.

You should act on your teacher's advice.

It costs more to mint a penny than the penny itself is worth.

Since the flat is actually a hotel, will the room be cleaned every day?

She forgot to feed the dog.

Let me know your new address.


He thinks that's normal.

Lila is our only child.

The doctors were up in arms about their proposed new contracts.

I often catch cold in winter.

That's what I was about to say.

Are you going to call them?

I cannot finish my work today.

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Another spam article hoping for click-throughs?

Please allow Pat to do his job.

They're hiding in the woods.


Could you read it?

I'm sorry to have troubled you. No matter what he may do, he will be praised.

She wants to meet him again.

The lightning lit up the sky.

Renu is waiting for Barney to call.

I'm not a fan of Kim Kardashian.

These dogs are big.

Can you show me where Marci Jackson's office is?

Did you realize that you haven't eaten anything since this morning?

She plays beach volleyball.

These flowers have died.

A small wicket-gate opened upon a footpath that wound through some shrubbery to the door.

What you said made me mad.

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Rees may be a genius.

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Vincent, what did you do to make your brother cry?


They did not keep their word.

Monday morning I was bitten by a dog.

I've got to learn some new songs.


Don't ignore your subordinates.

I think Hitler will have an unpleasant afterlife.

She loves me and I love her too.

He dedicated his life to peace.

How soon can you get here?


Where's your God now?

Manuel told me to meet him there.

That is no fault of Stanislaw's.


"What did she say?" "I don't remember."

I never touched Aaron.

They heard a noise behind them.

Randall never gets anything for Christmas.

What exactly bothered you about Rayan?

I will come provided I am well enough.

I think this is a terrific idea.

Barcelona is the heaven of Catalan cuisine.

Why don't you ask Laurel to sit with us?

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No one believes that he is innocent.

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Perhaps I should talk with Jason.

I'd like to help, but I don't know how.

Hold the button down until you hear the shutter make a clicking sound.

What is he talking about? It just doesn't make sense.

Lila is getting paranoid.


Ken painted his bicycle white.


Don't go near this dog.