Though he's not clever, he's a diligent worker.

He thinks he knows everything but, as a matter of face, he is very ignorant.

I heard you were in Boston last week.

His humour is very deadpan.


Joubert didn't recognize Piercarlo at first.

Subra lives in the bad part of town.

That's the way Jerry talks all the time.

It still needs to be answered.

I can't find a thing.

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Thad doesn't like to share things.


I showed them the difference of ability.

When water boils, it turns into steam.

Vice has been living in Boston for the past three years.

What is the length of this piece of cloth?

Even though my friend was a vegetarian, I didn't tell him that the soup had some meat in it.

Be respectful to the elderly.

Don't make fun of me!


My favorite color is orange.

Don't tell Bobby I told you.

Are you a Buddhist?

Did you show Cristi your pictures?

It'll add to the same thing.

With the Android version of Tatoeba, we'll be able to translate Flaubert while making love, opening the path to so far unexplored levels of pleasure.

Ramiro tried to leave.


It had to happen sometime.

What exactly are you planning to do?

Who'd want to hire her?


I am patiently listening, but I don't feel interested.


Nothing phases you.

I have never been spoken to by a foreigner before.

Go ahead and take as many as you need.


They haven't left.

How about going steady with me?

She slept in the car.

The white curtains flutter in the breeze in a heavy, lazy motion, like waves.

Olivier is fascinating and mysterious.

The Bangladeshi community thought it wasn't a balanced description.

I wasn't aware that someone was watching me.

He fills the bill.

I'll never forget talking with him there.


I was looking for some excitement so I decided to bring the handcuffs.

Zero is what comes before one.

Since he's in show business he often goofs around in a showy way, but once in a while he has these bashful mannerisms that are really cute.

Reinhard spent the morning painting the ceiling.

This building is the architect's crowning achievement.

Brenda pulled a piece of paper out of his pocket.

"I discovered a a great website today. It's called the 'Tatoeba project', if you're interested." "If you're talking about 'Tatoeba', I've already known about it and have been making submissions for 10 years!"

Nadiya Savchenko is a real living legend.

I know you're in there somewhere.

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I hope you'll like it.

Kolkka never doubted himself.

Rudolf has to stay in the house because he has the chicken pox.

Thad plans to return to Boston by bus.

Can you speak either Chinese or Russian?

Are you an Uighur?

Her hair was a mess.


Sanjib isn't innocent.

I had no desire to say anything against you.

I do pretty well.

Of course you can take it if you want.

Schweitzer is a man to imitate.


Rabin met Samuel on the beach.

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Get ready for more.

I owe you $30.

I can cook you something if you're hungry.

He leaned over to put on his shoes.

Prakash is now in his prime.

I'm certain that he will live to be ninety.

The army quelled the rebellion.


Is there any extra charge?

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That'll never do.

Were you able to pass the test?

Tao and Nguyen laughed.

Ken cried for help.

Are you really that ignorant?

Our therapist suggested we go camping together and leave the kids at home.

She gave a tea party with the intention of introducing her daughter to her friends.

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At what time will the taxi go to the airport?

She may not come.

That's why students love you.

Trent knew that Helen wanted him to ask her to the prom.

We need a tool to open it with.

He is still sitting on the bench.

Larry saw what happened.

The train derailed causing panic among the passengers, but no casualties were reported.

Did you see or hear anything unusual last night?

Italy invaded Ethiopia in 1935.

Maybe someone made him do it.

Karl wanted to learn how to program computers.

Her adorable dimples appear when she laughs.

It was a legitimate question.

I'm a native Chilean, and proud Spanish speaker.


You mean nothing at all to us.

Skeeter waited for Reiner to begin.

I had to work overtime yesterday.


The accident almost cost him his life.

You aren't responsible for what Hillel did.

Bucky is a fire swallower.

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Old age is an island surrounded by death.

Would you read my letter and correct the mistakes, if any?

I will call in order to confirm it.

I told you I wanted to help.

That's the worst part.

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A great responsibility lies on his shoulders.


You don't need alcohol to be happy.

It takes you awhile to catch on to things.

I have a small fever.

Brooke ran past Marilyn.

I cried all night long.


Even he stopped smoking.

We'll be back for them later.

I thought we could do this together.

Our friendship will last a long time.

Sally was very sad about not going home for the holidays.


I can't believe that this is really happening to me.


Catherine will have a blast.


He's making his children sick with his cigarette smoking.

Animals were more sacred than people to the Native Americans.

It is fun to play cards.

Tell me what you gave him.

I would like to buy a new coat at that department store.

We've been waiting over two months.

Her blood flowed over her chest.


That hat matches the suit.


The new laws sowed the seeds of revolution.

As far as I am concerned, I have no objection.

There are people who seldom speak unless they're spoken to.


The city of Mako was a centre for the cultivation of onions.

Stu's pardon was granted by the governor.

I thought you were supposed to be in Boston.

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He could only laugh at the joke.

He did it the old fashioned way.

They set up their backs against the claim.

Ofer told Farouk that her French was easy to understand.

It was no bigger than a soccer ball.


I'm already starving.

He never fails to make some comment about the way she's dressed.

Hohn was very supportive.


Tell me what you see.

Do you speak Swahili?

Tigger saw someone standing outside his window.

They are dancing.

They could afford to eat in the restaurant.

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This shrine is sacred to Jupiter.

He wants to, she doesn't.

He's sexy and muscular.

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Sarah'll need to improve his mapreading skills if he wants to compete in the upcoming orienteering competition.

Do you want to grab something to eat?

I asked Ricky not to interfere.


You don't miss much, do you?


Have you made up your mind where to go for the holidays?


Lanny is as big as I am.

Fashion designers are breaking with tradition.

A seven-sided polygon is typically called a heptagon, but is occasionally referred to as a septagon.

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I can teach you how to play.


Is that your own hair?

What do you like and dislike?

Where is the information counter?


I grilled a hotdog for lunch.


We went to the park to play.