That is a direct and deliberate lie.


I wish it would stop raining before tomorrow.

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Do you know how Jose obtained the information?


Do you see that?


They were pioneers of space flight.

They believed the jewel would bring disaster.

Moore slashed Drew's throat.


We should wait at least thirty minutes.

It took him his entire life to complete his master work.

Forty-seven men wanted the nomination.

But your wish is the most original!

It works pretty well.

I won't be going.

I should be with her.

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How long is that story?

The publisher gave my proposal a chance.

We've come to get you.


Floyd is feeling OK now.


"One way or round trip?" "One way, please."

As far as she goes, yea, she does have those few faults, but it's just those faults of hers that make me like her even more.

I don't understand German at all.

It was raining on and off all night long.

She visited the school, despite a pain in her right arm.

The revolt was led by the southern citizenry.

I want to test my limits.

I arrived there too early.

I hope you can buy us some more time.


I told them to stay here.

What are you all dressed up for?

What did you expect me to give you?

He didn't look happy to see her.

He took the first prize.

The sight has been indelibly etched in my mind.

Why doesn't Tad return my phone calls?

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Did he stay very long?

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I want to cheer you up.


I ordered several books from England.


The motorcycle crashed into a car.


Drew voted.

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Stephanie spoke to the doctors in French.

I took pity on her and lent her the money.

If you treat him fairly, he will be fair with you.

Who wouldn't be happy here?

Toby is going to like it.

You can't even imagine how painful it is for me to tell you this.

Does this outfit make me look fat?


The teacher of the kindergarten told the pupils to respect, and cherish each other.

When I imagined imaginary images I imagined that my imagination imagined all the images, imagine when your imagination imagines images that even you can't imagine.

Give me your address.

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There's been a an increase in wholesale prices.

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Do you have a camera?

Hello. May I speak to Mr Johnson, please?

Sofoklis doesn't have enough money to buy everything he needs.

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Warren thought Tarmi was wasting her time.

Higher education is not a luxury.

You can sleep here for a while if you want to.


It was very stuffy.

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Narrations can be analysed in terms of the way they structure their sequence of events.

The rain that fell during the last few days has filled the swamps.

Ofer became an engineer.

Now I'm used to it.

You're not fat.

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Three of Lex's friends went to Hsi's party.

Let's try to write sentences of style and good quality.

"Well..." sighed Dima, then turned to the shopkeeper and cast her a murderous glance. "I guess I have no choice now..."

I'm not as tall as you.

We should give Dewey some time to think about it.

Many rivers have been so polluted that they can no longer be used for drinking water.

The rain stopped just long enough for me to dash into the cafe without getting wet.


I was aware of the situation.

Les is still passed out on the floor.

I feel empowered.


She is adorable!


My company is sending us all to Hakone this year.

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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome aboard.

It's wrong to deceive people, but worse to deceive yourself.

Getting up early is very good.

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What an animal it is!

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As a result, more women are receiving equal work.

He has a racket.

It was careless of you to leave the key in your car.

Tell them that.

He works harder than I did at his age.

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We all want the same thing.


If the lamp's hot then, to avoid burns, wait around 45 minutes for it to cool down.

This building has three floors.

Would you tell the head chef that it was very delicious?

Oranges are a good source of vitamin C.

Do I look like I'm having fun?

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I've made up my mind to go.

Should I take this?

Never tell the truth when a lie will do.

We would be very pleased if you paid us a visit.

This is what I would have said.


An eclipse of the moon is a rare phenomenon.


Shatter said that he wanted to move to Boston because that's where Lex lives.

Is this a newspaper or a magazine?

The media doesn't report this news.

Come on Monday afternoon, if possible.

It's my duty to help you.

I thought for a moment Jordan was going to start laughing.

What were their names? Why do you care?


No one is born wise, but many die stupid.

I prayed that my father would forgive me.

I think that Antonella likes Pantelis.

Your prompt reply is urgently required.

She is well liked by her students.

There's a nice blue sky today.

Times may change, but human nature stay the same.


We've got late because the hotel was so laidback.

What are you telling me for?

Everyone is here to see you, Rathnakumar.

Luke is undeterred.

Today I had to fart.

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Do people ever accuse you of being shallow?

Hearing this song after so long really brings back the old times.

It's just an idea.

He can dish it out, but he can't take it.

I feel like taking a rest.

Pierette hurt himself yesterday.

This is too big.

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Is there a reason that you're asking?


That was a stupid and dangerous thing to do.

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Jeanette arrived in Boston less than three weeks ago.


It is true she is young, but she is wise.


What's eating her?

I was in Paris with my wife.

I don't even want you here.


Andries is just visiting.

The prince was turned by magic into a frog.

It's too bad that I don't need to lose weight.

He will come down soon.

They're no competition; our team can beat them hands down.

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Work shall set you free.

It's like this.

Each person matures at his own pace.

It's taken a while.

I wonder if life exists on other planets.


Lynn has been lying all along.

She doesn't need to know.

I have something I need to do.

The cherry blossoms are at their best.

I'm tired of your endless complaints.

One fine morning in spring along came the great-great-granddaughter of the man who had built this house.

I need three volunteers.

What are you telling me for?

I'm majoring in economics.


When they spoke English to me, it was because they wanted to sell me something. When they spoke Esperanto to me, it was because they wanted to be my friends. Heard from American Esperanto speakers returning from trips abroad.

Few, if any, passengers survived the crash.

That would be exhausting.


To his great joy, he succeeded in solving the problem.


I waited for him till ten.