What if the problem isn't Sarah?

Where did you decide to go?


We should all go on a diet together.

Only a few understood what he said.

His long nose became at least two inches longer.

When he was at the acme of his career, a scandal brought about his downfall.

No registration is required.

Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.

What we need now is a little peace and quiet.

He wants to spend time with his son.

Can't you drive a little more slowly?

Don't make me pull the trigger.

You worked for them, didn't you?

Your cat is hiding from me.

That's how we usually do it.


Damon is influential.


Thank you for your love.

The noble man leaves out of his sense of nobility, while the ignoble man says "He was afraid of me."

Maybe we should tell Klaus that he's being obnoxious.

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You've left out a word in copying the textbook.

I played against the champion.

Don't come dressed like bums.

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I think I'm in love.


We aren't here to destroy you.


This soup is too thin for me.

I don't want Jef to take over.

I'm not ready.

I think that's what's happening.

He will be a good husband to my sister.

I was trying to get some help.

I think Juliet was lied to.

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Rice is grown in rainy regions.

Are you in much pain now?

My mom told me not to get into trouble.

Arabic is difficult!

Marc wanted Tony to go to the supermarket to buy some milk.

Nobody could make that work.

The shop was crowded with young people.


Jacobson seems a little overdressed today.


What grade is your sister in?

Someone said to the stones: "Be human." The stones said: "We are not hard enough yet."

What were you two conspiring about?


Go play tennis with him.

You're lucky to have such a good job.

Are you bilingual?


The poor mother could not endure the unfilial behaviour of her son.

Where will you write your next novel?

Lar arrived a day sooner than we expected.

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What are you thinking?

It took a load off my mind that I finally found you!

What if he comes back now?

Life's not fair.

Why do I have to do this?

Human beings differ from other animals in that they can speak and laugh.

Why don't we order pizza?

I've been thinking about something.

I'll stop by your place on my way home.

I nodded encouragingly.

It is only normal to want to be happy.

I do hope that it won't rain tomorrow.

I don't like cheese.

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When did you arrive? Did you arrive today?

It was nice of you to help.

During the presentation the speaker talked mainly about gender inequality.

It is not outside of the realm of possibility.

The investigators tried to identify the presence of drugs in the glass.


She said that she saw a suspicious man.

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Did that uncle of his often visit America?


What he said applies, to a certain extent, to this case.


It's not against the law.

The dog's attempts to climb the tree after the cat came to nothing.

Manavendra knows how to play the guitar.

Is Miss Smith an English teacher?

Ross got out of the cab.


You're not eating very much. What's wrong?


His room is always filled with his friends.

I have to ask him something.

Mac helped me carry the vacuum cleaner.

We won't be able to arrive home in time.

I have little interest in history.

You used a condom for birth control, right?

Kim is two years older than him.

He was explicit on the point.

Mongo roamed through the streets of Boston.

John's two years older than me.

If it rains the day after tomorrow I'll be inside.

The trains are running in this snow.

Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.

He was put through university with money left by his uncle.

I'd also like the same, please.

Where is the wall?

The traffic accident delayed the cars last night.

Don't forget the fact that smoking is bad for your health.

I'm glad you're enjoying yourself.


He is in desperate search of further evidence.


I like Japanese food.


I asked her to unlock the door.

I don't want you to come.

He is to blame for the accident.

The water temperature's still low so you're not going to swim, are you?

I play trumpet in the school band.

Hard work never killed anyone. But why take the risk?!

Nobody would see us.

Dimetry was very busy.

Let's wait and see what Juliane actually does.

Everyone is here, right?

The police managed to track down the owner of the car.

I can often hear my neighbors arguing.

Are you feeling better?

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Tell us what you think!

He stayed there some time.

If you ironed Switzerland, it would be bigger than Germany.

We're wildly looking for the evidence to our own existence.

I should be able to do something about that.

I need her to understand.

Take the time to reflect.


The glass is clean.

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He has a position.

We're not going to sell it.

I wanted Luke to suffer.


Do you have less expensive ones?

There are not enough mangoes.

Japan is lacking in raw materials.


I'm getting really mad now.

I guess Marguerite is right.

Are you trying to speak with that person?

We're young.

Willie doesn't have red hair.


My father usually wears a hat when he goes out for the night.

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I owe you my life.

I should've stayed longer.

Are you sure this is the place we're supposed to be?


Two seats were vacant.


This is one of the most important things all people need to know.

She took off her coat.

You do work a lot.


Craig barged into the room.

He's always very polite.

Nils was the only one who knew where Caroline went.


It is truly said that time is money.

He had a bad time.

I'm in seventh heaven.


Something must have happened down there.

What foods, if any, do you avoid eating?

Kim wants a beer.

The accident happened because they could not see clearly.

An investors' group is attempting a leveraged buy-out of the firm.

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There's no need to worry about anything.

I'd like to have some cigars.

All I know is that he came from China.

What did you do with Matti's keys?

Please don't do it.

It hardly ever rains here.

Just look at you, unable to do such a simple thing.

Let them relax.

I like the color black.

The accident happened at that crossing.

I met Betty on the street.

I'm here to pick Kikki up.

He took a book from the bookshelf.


I prefer goat cheeses to cheeses from cow milk.

I really look up to my English teacher, Mr Taniguchi.

Cut the power off.