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You are about to undertake an auto repair procedure that requires considerable skill and experience. PAPAService will provide you with Phone A Personal Assistant service. After your parts arrive (or if you already have your parts) you can make an appointment and can speak with a certified automotive technician that is an expert on the brand automobile that you are about to install your parts into. They will know how to assist you with any difficulties you might come across during your procedure. For example, let’s say that you are replacing the timing belt on your '95 Toyota Camry. You have already taken apart many things and then you get to the spot where you don’t understand how to set the hydraulic belt tensioner. You read the procedure in your manual twice and you still do not understand it. What do you do? Who do you call? What now?

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You get a total of 45 minutes over two phone calls during a 1 week period with the same technician.

Price and time estimate

$79 for up to forty five minutes with a certified PAPAService automotive technician.

Have an expert that knows just about every nut and bolt...

You will receive up to 45 minutes of phone time with your PAPAService tech. The 45 minutes can be spread over two calls and can be scheduled as much as 7 days apart. For example: 20 minutes on Monday at 3:15 pm. Then up to 25 minutes on Friday at 12:30 pm (4 days later for example).You will speak with the same PAPAService tech each time. You can schedule the phone service for the day and time that you anticipate working on the vehicle. Having an expert that knows just about every nut and bolt, every component, every repair on that brand you are working on, any installation problem that you may come across can be overcome with your same two hands, you just need the added guidance and knowledge of the PAPAService tech to get you past the tough spots and satisfy your installation event. You can finish the job without further delay and not get beat up by your spouse or girlfriend and get blamed for doing something that you should have had a professional do instead of you doing the repair yourself. Buying PAPAService is chump change compared to having a shop take over for you.

$79 = up to 45 minutes of phone guidance of professional expert automotive technician that knows every repair on your vehicle.

PAPAService is the logical answer for the Do it Yourself mechanic. You can get shivers just thinking about your other options. Let’s go over them, shall we?

1.  Wing it and hope it works without the $79 PAPAService
2. Ask your neighbor the insurance salesman to help?
3. Call your local repair shop and try to get some free advice?
4. Call your local repair shop and ask them to take over where you left off and then you put all the parts you removed in the trunk for them?