After the game, he went straight home to feed his dog.


The attorney has strong evidence that she is innocent.

He gave me his phone number.

Everybody is supposed to know the law, but few people really do.

When I make other people angry, I always feel bad myself, whether it was my fault or not.

I think it might be necessary to help Patrick.

The child was paralyzed with fear.

Dwayne and Hotta don't see each other very often.

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The air was darkened by the smoke.


I am on visiting terms with him.


Teruyuki is looking forward to Christmas.

Whose side are you on?

When I forgot my promise, he got really angry.

National Foundation Day (February 11): day for commemorating the founding of the nation and for fostering patriotic feelings.

She followed the doctor's suggestions.

It is always the case with him.

I want this building locked.

Tim is from Boston, isn't he?

Mr. and Mrs. Yamada will come home next month.


Who cares what happens to him?

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Can't you tell me about it?

They sailed along the west coast of Africa.

You may kiss my hand.

Your success is the result of your hard work.

We make a great team.

His health was the forfeit of heavy drinking.

That's a lot of money.

The train is 10 minutes late today.

This museum is one of the world's largest art museums.

His heart ached when he saw his son's miserable state.

I am writing a letter.

Which sport do you most enjoy watching?

Karthik is a boy. He is a good boy.

George did business in the same manner as his father did.

There won't be a choice.

Skip has an evil twin brother.

The doctor said that grandmother is still very sick, but she's out of the woods.


I shouldn't have gotten involved.

No one has ever seen God.

He stared at her hand for a moment.

I don't know who wrote it.

There's something I still don't understand.

I quarrelled with my older brother yesterday.

Included in the printed matter category is what is called 'special mailbag printed matter'.

I had to go through hell and high water to get my driver's licence.

Money can't buy happiness.

Won't you please send this letter by Express Mail?

This peach is a work of art.

What do those words in the Arabian flag mean?

Dylan asked me to shut the gate.

Tell me how it went.

He is a man of wisdom.

How do we know that he's innocent?

Opening the door, I found her sleeping.


Lately it seems that no matter how much I sleep, I stay tired. I wonder if I've come down with something strange.

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Charley is now the manager.

I thought I had seen Archie somewhere before.

How do I know you're telling the truth?

We'd like separate checks, please.

I brought the documents to my boss.

It's been a bad week.

We have to work hard to fix this problem.


I should never have stolen that.

Carlo couldn't quite understand it.

I just had a flash of genius! We need to round up a crew!

She'll ruin her clothing.

I do my own thing.

Don't be that worried.

Unfortunately, there may be complications.

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Curiosity killed the cat.

The treaty did not ban nuclear tests under the ground.

Can you help me solve a mystery?

Have a drink.

"Are you students?" "Yes, we are."

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We've got to get out of here somehow.

The argument presented in Doyle's study was first published as a white paper on drug-related crimes.

Don't you think I know?

He is average height, is white, has brown hair and brown eyes.

Can I buy you another drink?

Dan didn't even eat the cake.

I'm just writing a letter to my girlfriend.

It belonged to my father.

Karen is not angry with me.

Borscht is often garnished with dill and sour cream.

I'm sick and tired of your complaints.

He earns at least $1,000 dollars a week.

Maria was Sofia's friend.

She had no choice but to turn down his proposal.

Where there is smoke there is fire.

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Carsten spent a year in Japan.

I plan to go to Europe in the summer.

Don't make a fool of yourself.


Let's let them decide.


Just do me one favor.

Gill turned off the TV.

I don't deny I made a mistake.

He abused our trust.

Hans is the one I've been looking for.

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It was predictable that this would happen.

Leigh told me he wanted to teach me French.

The question is not what I can do for you, but what you can do for me.

Do not touch the console or AC adaptor for extended periods of time while the console is turned on as extended contact may cause low-temperature burns.

We don't know what tomorrow will bring.

"May I take this umbrella?" "No, you may not."

I have every confidence in his ability.

It's a pretty good one.

The Japanese economy continued to grow by more than 5% annually.

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I don't sleep so much.

I'll order that later.

He asked me if he could see me again.

He'll clutch at any straw.

I need you here.

With his bright red hair, Carl really stands out in a crowd of people.

Christofer checked Louie's pulse and was relieved to find that she was still alive.

It is a truth universally aknowledged that...

His words have come true.

Should he come, give him this paper.

I won't let anyone hurt Irwin.

The sound of the stream lulled me to sleep.

I cleaned out the fridge.


He's very peculiar.

When did you arrive in China?

They were labeled radicals.

He is very sensitive to cold.

I believe as long as we allow conditions to exist that make for second-class citizens, we are making of ourselves less than first-class citizens.


Stay with us in this room.

We'll meet up with Graham later.

He lived a wretched life when young.


I have to see Peter at 2:30.

She is very attentive to her grandmother.

This cap belongs to them.

Why are you pretending you don't remember?

"Why didn't you bring an umbrella?" "It was such good weather this morning!"


It looks like we have everything.


Don't you want to play volleyball with us?


It's almost six o'clock.

Emily is studying Turkish, because she and her parents will go to Turkey on vacation.

I'm having second thoughts.

He acquired a vast amount of wealth in these few years.

Every morning that woman used to go to the beach and run three miles.

I felt something crawling up my arm.

Ragnar helped pack Jitendra's things in boxes.

Although his exam scores weren't very high, he was still successful after graduation.

Women seem to like Donna.

Maybe your luck is changing.

Don't step in the mud.

I can imagine how you felt.

I haven't seen Jared since 1988.

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I wish you had let Clarissa finish his story.

I think I should've been more careful.

I want Marcel to understand what has to be done.

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He doesn't have the courage.

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I can only speculate.


We've got a lot of catching up to do.

It seems that she lied.

Rajiv is very good at matching people.

I'm sure that'll really be appreciated.

I think that's a problem.


The present writer doesn't like such a tendency.

I pointed at him.

The question is this: who called her on the phone?

We don't want to be the last ones there.

Have another cup.

Why not both?

I think you know this young man.

Neville wasn't married.

I could hear everything the president said.

Rusty drives a black pick-up truck.

Yamashita is a street in Naka district which is in Yokohama town of Kanagawa prefecture.

What is Teri?

Clifford doesn't think he is up to the job.