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A Most Complete Review Of Market America University

Market America University is a concept that simplifies how to go about building a Market America UnFranchise® business in most unique, ‘cutting edge’ and most effective fashion. If you are new to MA, just browsing or stumbled across this by accident, allow me to provide some background on what MA is all about. For veterans, you’ll hear this “MA University” thing like you’ve never heard it put before!

The doors opened for a little company back in 1992 that didn’t even have a brochure in their arsenal of tools. It was an even further stretch to see an array of products, top-notch website or systemized training platform in the foreseeable future. As for the UnFranchise® owners distributing Market America’s products and services, they looked and acted like a “bunch of renegades.” Many of them were people rooted to the network marketing, multi-level marketing (MLM) and direct sales aficionados.

Did you realize the failure rate in market america, MLM and direct sales is 97%? And that the number one contributor to this is that often times ‘newbies’ to these industries spend themselves right out of business within 90 days. Most money is spent on training expenses, which is critical, but these days the power of the ‘tools of technology’ allows industry experts to provide amazing training for free.

I just hit the fast forward button and skipped by 19 years of staggering and unprecedented growth…

Market America University has been a 19 year work in progress, offers more than 35 million products to end consumers all over the world, and when you power this system behind Profitable Online Franchises, I guess JR Ridinger made good on his promise from back at the days of inception.

MA has been able to streamline the distribution, marketing and growth capabilities of how an UnFranchise® owner goes about expanding their distribution pipeline via the “Mall Without Walls.”

In the pre-internet day, the “old age” Market America era coined the “Mall Without Walls” term because of the vast sectors and markets they brokered products. In a fashion similar to the likes of The Home Shopping Network, QVC, Wal-Mart, and online affiliate marketers – Market America doesn’t manufacture their own products either. They find market driven areas with consumer interest, find suppliers to contract out and use their ever-expanding UnFranchise® distribution model to drop-ship.

As Market America University propels forward, they’ll continue to teach, train, develop, guide, manage and empower the ever-expanding army of UnFranchise® owners and company distributors to go out and make the 2-3 year plan for success a financial and time freedom reality. Today, interest is sky-high!

IF YOU’RE LOOKING TO JOIN MARKET AMERICA – BEWARE because the concept of Market America University [] has paved a path for instrumental and staggering growth. But you must be aware that the MA corporate team will limit your growth by teaching you to brand the company over yourself first.

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