Buy the Kids a Banzai Water Slide This Summer

The hot summer months are approaching so it is time to start thinking about purchasing a good quality inflatable water slide. A Banzai water slide is just one great example of an inflatable water toy that will keep the kids happily entertained all day long.

There are several different types within the collection that you can choose from. The original is called the Banzai Falls water slide and another is known as the Banzai Roaring Rapids Adventure. The company that manufactures these slides is well-known for making bright and vibrant water toys and games which give children spanning various ages a huge amount of pleasure.

Reasons To Choose The Banzai Roaring Rapids Adventure

waterslide rentals in AZ Rapids Adventure comes together and forms an inflatable slide that gives you a few choices. It is possible to decide on the big slide which is fun for the older kids to use and there is also the small slide which is on the lower level slide for younger children to use until they eventually decide to attempt the upper level.

It is constructed out of an incredibly hard-wearing material consists of thee bright colours which are red, blue and yellow. This makes it very attractive to not only look at but to also play with.

There are many slides and every one of them features a splash pool in the bottom so that each kid will travel down the slide and then end up getting a great splash towards the end.

You’ll discover that among the slides there is also has a water sprinkler attachment that creates a waterfall effect at the top of the slide. This is an enjoyable way to slide down and get wet unexpectedly.

The Size Of The Banzai Water Slide

These inflatable slides can be pretty huge as they are made to sit in a fairly large garden or back yard. When this inflatable slide is completely filled with air it measures around nine feet at its highest point. This is definitely a great height for kids to slide from and will provide hours of fun and laughter.

Take a look at the cost of a Banzai water slide today and you will be able to ensure that your kids have a great summer with their friends this year. Simply search online so that you can compare and contrast the different prices. You are sure to find the perfect inflatable slide that will fit your budget and will be perfect for your family home too.

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