Feeling Sleepy at work? Try these Energy-Boosters to Help You Remain Active

Working at office, working at home, working with the kids, working and working….Day after day we do the same monotonous jobs which make are lives boring. Remember a day which you never bother to remember because it does not have a single incident which can distinguish it from other tedious working days. By the time the office clock strikes 3, your eyes are between open and closed, not sure about where they are looking. You struggle hard to keep your eyes open when you would have been the happiest if someone allowed you to close them. Does this sound familiar? True, office can suck all the energy out of you. Are you looking for an energy elo boost lol right at your work desk? You can get it right within the office walls if you wish to.

Here are some ideas following which you can rejuvenate your body as well as your mind:

o Find out some thick and sturdy phone books and with their help allow yourself some aerobic steps.

o Do a few angled push-ups using your desk.

o Take 3 packs of printer paper in each hand; lift them over your head. Do it 5 to 10 times.

o Jump up! It’s a simple way to pump yourself up.

o Squeeze a stress ball at least 3-4 times a day. This will relieve stress and strengthen forearm and wrists for typing.

o Hand-deliver memos, faxes and mails. Avoid emails as much as you can.

o Prefer chatting face to face, do not send mails or use phone when you can easily walk up to your co-workers/ subordinates.

o If your work involves a lot of phone time then get a cordless and keep moving while talking on the phone.

o Avoid the elevator and prefer the stairs.

o Drink a lot of water instead of soda and coffee. Nothing energizes and refreshes like a simple glass of water.

o Ensure that your sitting posture is correct. Do you know that poor posture alone can hinder blood and oxygen delivery to the brain decreasing it by 30%?

o Do breathing exercises. Learn how to breathe properly through out the day. It is important for the oxygen supply through out your body.

Simple changes in lifestyle and making it permanent habit can add to your overall health by emphasizing your energy level. Even weight loss has a lot to do with life style. We need to remember that when we are physically active and fit, we are energetic through out the day. This fitness allows us to take right decision and accomplish the work on time and with efficiency. That is why it is said ‘health is wealth’. Without good health and a fit body, you cannot be successful in life.


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