Life and Enlightenment



People have to find their center – their soul, or vanish as self-aware Beings. What is needed is a very basic change in human consciousness. This lack of feeling for our inner Being is what really makes us poor – not the lack of money. We can be compared to movie spectators who are absorbed into the plot. The spectators think that the pictures on the cinema screen are real, neglecting the fact that their source is in the projector. In a similar way in everyday life we receive symbols and archetypal images, forgetting to take a look at their source. When our desire to come closer to the Source is strong enough, we will start going upstream, toward the depths of ourselves, to what we are, to the essence of the Divine omnipresence, to God in us. The fire of longing to be One, to get into Unity and stay forever within, will be ignited. The moment of this ultimate embrace is enlightenment.

awakening movies is an utmost delight for our mind; it is more beautiful than the most beautiful moments that we know of. It is an instant of perfect clarity, complete knowledge. Nothing is lacking, everything is very simple, we are full of energy, we glow, we are self-accomplished, and we can do everything but we don’t have to do anything. Enlightenment fills us with Divine love, tenderly, in an appropriate manner, as gently as possible, and to the extent we need it at that particular time. In all its shine, enlightenment is a great mercy, great happiness. It is complete calm, endless clarity and purity, being One with God, being able to say “I am One with my Father, I am who I am.” Human language has no words to adequately describe Divine love. In order to be able to describe a Divine event, our individual consciousness should be as immense as the endless reality.

Once the Divine embrace has eased off, and our thoughts have started to arise again, we are approaching another reality – our human psychical level. After we have descended to this level, what remains is our recollection of the experienced enlightenment, and our enormous desire for a new encounter with the Divine in us. Although the experience of this dazzling shine is relatively short, God releases none of His children without a precious gift. We have touched the seed of life, and it starts to grow. After many repeated attempts, a certain strength that keeps us closer to God is accumulated, enabling us more and more easy contact. We are becoming aware of ourselves, of everything around us, aware of our planet, and of our Universe. Things are settling down, everything is getting clearer. The process of everyday learning is established; we are learning not only from books but from the depths of our Beings, from what we really are. New worlds are opened, new levels are discovered, new depths of richness of Divine love are revealed. A new center of personality as a whole is formed. We realize that one single letter from inside is worth more than tons of literature. Our constant longing for wholeness in union with God always remains.

How can we now go on with our meditation? In fact, our meditation should now be easier, since we are becoming increasingly receptive. The feeling of ineffably tender, warm, ubiquitous abundance of Divine love pervades us everywhere, at every place. By performing simple relaxation, pranayama, and pratyahara we will empty our consciousness, the flow of thoughts will cease, and we will enter our own calm. Finally, through Divine grace we will achieve a new enlightenment. “Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit.” Spontaneity is the essence of opening the Spirit. Seeking leadership from God, and not from the ego, emotions, or thoughts is very important. The Divine Self is outside the body, feelings, and thoughts, it is unborn, eternal, without beginning or end. No sword can cut it, no fire can burn it, it is omniscient, indescribable, and omnipresent – neither body, nor spirit, nor consciousness, but what is beyond all of that.

Life is a gift. This may sound like an ordinary sentence, but it is a great truth. Indeed, life is a Divine gift. One should first attain the insight as to how truly beautiful and precious this gift is. One should try to experience what life is. Some people might say: That is wonderful, great, let us go and enjoy it, engage in love affairs, entertain ourselves, indulge ourselves in satisfying our various desires, and spend our lives in different ways.

Is this really it? Certainly not. First, we should thank God for our lives that have been so generously presented to us, and then we should ask what to do. Each individual is exceptional and as such needed in the Universe. Everyone has his/her own place in the Divine tissue. Therefore, let us walk the path of self-realization in a more dedicated manner. What is the reason of my life? What should I do? What is the purpose of my existence? By practicing spiritual growth methods we will animate the part of our personality that can provide answers to these questions. But remember one – the personality is unable to further develop itself unless it is rooted in its own nature. Only then everything becomes easier and flows spontaneously in the right direction. Only then we can reconcile the opposites, be what we are, walk our own path. As a matter of fact, a specific spiritual technique might no longer be needed. All that is needed is honest desire, will, constant striving, good habits, tenderness, acting without criticizing, prejudging, or confronting. When the mental energy is awaken and we have become sensitive to the inner psychical processes, the result will not fall behind. All this is only part of our spiritual possibilities. And don’t forget to live your life fully, enjoying it.

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