Lotus Domino: Application Integration – A Programmer View

There are two methodologies for application coordination:

o Programmer’s methodology – for applications coordination it is important to make some program codes;

o Integrator’s methodology – for this situation extraordinary programming items are to be utilized and the joining interaction set up by those product settings.

The accompanying instruments might be utilized for the principal approach:

o ODBC. In Lotus Domino codes might be utilized:

o Three @-capacities (@DbColumn, @DbLookUp and), which work with registrated ODBC-drivers . @DbColumn restores the entire section from outer table, @DbLookUp measure search by the key, and @DbCommand runs an order of ODBC-driver or outside table (for ex, UDATE or DELETE);

o Three inside LotusScript Data Objects (LS:DO), which uphold association measure, running of SQL-ask for and give activities got result table. This apparatus is more adaptable than utilization of portrayed above @-capacities (explicitly, exchanges component, mistakes taking care of, and so forth);

o Free NotesSQL ® ODBC-driver permits calling Lotus Dominoqq information bases by SQL. This technique is accessible just for basic Lotus Domino information bases, as them are not connection data sets and SQL isn’t acceptable to work with (issues with various fields esteems and various fields set in records);

o JDBC. For direct utilizing of JDBC instrument, free IBM JDBC-driver might be downloaded, which permits calling Lotus Domino information bases from Java-applications. This methodology is better at that point use NotesSQL ® ODBC-driver, yet can not be use with complex information bases. JDBC innovation additionally utilizing in some incorporation components, yet JDBC itself is stowed away from the programmer(as model, utilizing work in JSP Custom Tag Libraries);

o OLE. Utilizing of this innovation is in the Microsoft stages outline. On the off chance that this impediment is satisfactory for an assignment, at that point utilizing of this innovation permits information trading from LotusScript to OLE-applications. Explicitly it is conceivable to trade information from Lotus Domino to MS Excel or MS Word. This innovation frequently is utilizing to make reports for Lotus Domino information. In Lotus Domino exists Notes/FX instrument, which verifiably utilizes OLE-innovations. This instrument permits to handle programmed information trade between fields of Lotus Domino structures and data expressed on OLE-worker. Of late Notes/FX are utilized in truly applications very sometimes;

o XML. Utilizing of this innovation in Lotus Domino R 6 permits handling of Lotus Domino articles’ stream change (archives, plan components, ACL, and so on) into XML and back, apply in a stream XSLT to XML, put channels on interpreted/got data, just as audit XML by work in LotusScript-classes, prepared DOM and SAX parsing;

o HTML. In the event that a HTTP task is begun on Domino worker, at that point from outer applications is accessible sending/accepting information by of a similar name convention;

o CORBA. This innovation utilized in Lotus Domino more in Java content. Applets, servlets, Domino JSP Custom Tag Libraries, utilizing this innovation may trade information with Lotus Domino;

Separated in coordination arrangements line are DECS (Domino Enterprise Connection Services), DCR (Data Connection Resources) and LEI (IBM Lotus Enterprise Integrator for Domino) advancements. These advancements besides of coding demand organization settings to be tuned and might be allude as to first (developer) as to second (integrator) ways to deal with coordinate applications.

DECS innovation permits direct association with DB2, Oracle, MS SQL Server, Sybase sources, and outer sources by ODBC and OLE advancements.

DECS innovation solicitations of a similar name task on the Domino worker, just as certain settings in « DECS Administrator» data set. Two sorts of archives can be made in this data set:

o Connection, which gives the chance interfacing an outer framework. Without subtleties, let say that this record gives the way to outer source and login and secret phrase for this association;

o Activity, gives correspondence between Lotus Domino fields and data from outside source. The correspondence is relegated by exceptional Lotus Domino structure and fields. This report can uphold up to four case types (structure open in Lotus Domino, information changing, erasing or new record creation in Lotus Domino). After Activity record is actuated similar cycles in outer source will be begun if the following cases occur in Lotus Domino. For instance, attributing and saving the new information in Lotus Domino (on the off chance that in the event that them are following), simple information show up in outer source.

DECS component works accurately in the event that if outside source information are worked with simply by Lotus Domino. Something else, if the information showed up in outside source precluding Lotus Domino they don’t naturally moved to Lotus Domino.

DCR innovation showed up in Lotus Domino R 6, is an interface expansion for DECS innovation and work just with comparing task on Domino DCR worker. Without subtleties, the new plan component by name DCR might be considered as simple of Connection record from « DECS Administrator» data set. Coincidentally, analogies of Activity records are determinated straightforwardly in Lotus Domino structures.

LEI innovation might be considered as creating of DECS. Utilizing of LEI permits to designers substantially more opportunities for information handling with work in Lotus Connector Classes for LEI


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