Stay Organised With a Moving House Checklist

Moving house without a checklist is like going to the store without a grocery list. It can be done but you will end up totally disorganised and without half of the things that you need. A moving house checklist will provide you with the framework to keep you on task during the planning process and it will make the process so much easier.

Below is a list of items to consider if putting together your own moving house checklist or as a reference point of tasks to mark off during your man with a van near me.

Major Tasks to Complete

  • Find and hire a removalist to assist you in moving.
  • Prepare to disconnect the electricity, phone and other utilities.
  • Prepare to change your address with a notification service.


Planning for the Move

  • Create a list of any items that you need to take with you.
  • Perform a backup on your computer’s hard drive to ensure that no files are lost during the move.
  • Have your medical records on hand to show to your new doctor and dentist. Get these records on any pets that you have as well so that you can give them to your new vet.
  • Pack items early that you rarely use (as many as 3 weeks before moving day).
  • De-clutter and donate or sell unwanted items.
  • Prepare any fixtures or fitting for the move to your house.
  • Plan for the financial aspect of your move. You will need cash on hand for moving day and sufficient funds to use for a removalist service.
  • Have your car serviced especially if there’s a long journey to your new address.
  • Arrange storage, if necessary, for items that you will not be taking to your new house right away.
  • Make a list of each box and what it will contain. Update it periodically if you add new items that are not listed on your list.
  • Plan for any care that your children and pets will need during the move, e.g., food, medication, and adequate entertainment.
  • Plan to have the electricity, phone, and gas reconnected in your new house.


One Week Before the Move

  • Plan the last night at your old house.
  • Collect any spare keys to your house and give them to your agent or the new home owners.
  • Make sure that you notify your insurance company and any other necessary people of your new address. Send a notification to friends and family as well.
  • Plan to use all of the food that you currently have in the refrigerator.
  • Clean and defrost the refrigerator prior to moving day.
  • Pack last-minute items before moving day.


Moving Day

  • Perform a walk through of your house before you leave. Check cupboards and any other place in the house to see if you have left anything behind.
  • Take a few minutes to spend them in your house before you leave.


Using this mover’s checklist will help you get prepared to move house and it will also give you all of the tools that you need to ensure that nothing is left undone before moving day. Keep the moving house checklist with you to ensure that you have accomplished everything before you transit to your new home.


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