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Your New Built Home: How to Stamp Your Personality Into the Brickwork

When considering a newly built home, there are mixed opinions. Some people see them quite negatively, and accuse them of being impersonal. However, most of us see it as the opportunity to have a blank canvas and the chance to make the home reflect our personality. Builders are now giving homebuyers more options to make their new home suit them from day one.

One of the most important rooms to most families is the kitchen. Kitchens are where we prepare delicious meals for our family and no home is complete without a perfect kitchen. The room provides a social hub at parties, and is the main base for culinary experimentation How many stamps do I need? We all have different needs, but developers can cater for it all. Basic kitchens are usually included, but if you want an ultra-modern high-gloss white kitchen with black granite worktops and white marble splash-backs, you can get it installed before you move in, saving you the upheaval later on. Many first time buyers often find they do not have their own whites (washing machine, tumble drier, fridge/freezer, dishwasher) because they have previously lived in rented accommodation, student housing or with parents. For a while now, new builds have offered integrated appliance upgrades so this is not a problem. You really can have the kitchen of your dreams from the day you move in.

Do you miss the character that a fireplace gives to an older home? Some developers can provide a beautiful feature fireplace for your living area to bring the comfort of an older property to you. Depending on your taste, you may go for a traditional wooden or stone finish or perhaps a more modern marble mantelpiece.

The average person spends around one third of their life asleep, and so creating a pleasant environment which is conducive to a good night’s sleep is essential. A bedroom should not be cluttered, too light, too dark, or too overpowering. Your developer can help with some of this. Fitted wardrobes are the perfect solution for your clutter. You may also be able to have some mood lighting installed, with small wall-mounted bedside lights or a dimmer on the main light to provide light how and when you need it.

Some new properties come with carpets as standard, especially if they are trying to sweeten the deal and sell homes faster. However, not everyone likes the sumptuous comfort of a carpet, instead preferring contemporary laminates or traditional hardwood flooring. Flooring can completely change the feel of a room, so it is important you choose the right one for you.


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